Red Hot Jewelry!

Red, it stands for passion, fire, and hotheads! We have some sparkling ideas for those who just love to spice up life with some red jewelry!

Red Jewelry above

Red - passion-jewelry

Red, the most sensual lipsticks are red, red underwear is as hot, cheeky and daring as can be and red is the color of dominance, of the decisionmaker in personality analyses like Insights. Red is, in the Western part of the world, a color of danger and love. But also for what’s forbidden, or endangered. We connect the red color also to things like lush, wealth, stardom. Think about the red carpet. In a country such as China, it appears that the color red is connected mostly to positive emotions and states of being. Such as passion, wealth, luck, love, power and the degree of popularity.

Red Jewelry Earrings

Ranjana Khan earrings

Red - sensual-jewelry

When a woman wears a red lipstick, she almost always will feel more in power and sensual. It’s a difficult color to wear, I am surely not the only one trying not to get it on her teeth or ‘’bleed’’ in the corners and look quite the opposite of sophisticated ;-). But it’s a statement color. And when you wear a red dress, red shoes or carry a red handbag, it won’t go unnoticed, we all consciously or unconsciously know that it is a strong symbolic color.

Red Jewelry JacobCoearringsHearts

Jacob & Co earrings

Red jewelry for Fiery women

Red comes back in jewelry too. From rubies to enameling, from coral to red spinel and many more stones. We have selected to inspire you, fiery women, a beautiful collection of very diverse jewelry. The only thing they share is the hot color RED!

Red Jewelry Deakin Francis Cufflinks

One of my favorites: Deakin & Francis cufflinks

Red Jewelry fashion jewelry bracelets rings

Fashion jewelry: Roxanne Assoulin Mini Mi and Desert Rose and in the middle: Johanna Ortiz. All bracelets

Red Jewelry Ferrari

Is there anything more aggressive, passionate and symbolic for wealth than a red Ferrari?

Red Jewelry Gemstones

There are many red gemstones, here are three of them: Spinel, Ruby, Garnet

Red Jewelry louis Vuitton Faberge

Zydo Earrings with rubies and diamonds, Faberge egg with rubies, Ring by Stenzhorn with diamonds and rubies. A famous ring by Louis Vuitton called Un Escale a Paris containing diamonds and spinel, bracelet by Fred Joaullier rubies and diamonds and stunning earrings by Hanut Singh called; The Tree of Life with rubies

Red jewelry vhernier

Carolina Bucci earrings with coral, Astley Clarke Earrings like planets, a stunning necklace by Vhernier, in ebony and white gold, diamonds, and an Imperial Topaz, ring by Mousson with spessartine, enameled earrings by Nouvelle Bague from Florence

Red Jewelry necklace Ring

Valente Milano necklace with Agata and a ring by Selim Mouzzana with rubellites

Red Jewelry Rebecca De Ravenel SolangeLips ring hearts earring

Fashion jewelry and silver lips by Rebecca de Ravenel and Solange Azagury Partridge


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