Sea creatures jewelry by 4 fantastic jewelry brands

Did you too enjoy summer days at the beach? Wondering about all the beautiful creatures underneath the sea surface? So did LeVian, Lydia Courteille, Carrera Y Carrera and Pasquale Bruni. Discover how an American, French, Spanish and Italian company created the most awesome jewelry creatures!

Holiday Costa Brava Esther

Costa Brava, just about an hour and half above Barcelona. This area is filled with memories of Salvador Dalì. Small beaches, steep rocks that lead into the magnificent blue Mediterranean sea. Having early morning swims in the sea and then breakfast in the sand. Or go just before dinner on the beach, for a quick dive and play in the waves. There is so much to see and so much to love. The Costa Brava definitely caught our hearts!



This year, we went once more, to the Costa Brava. Some years ago, we took a leap of faith: buying an old caravan online and just driving the 1423 km down to Spain. We were lucky, although old, it was just completely perfect! And still today, we are amazed on all the things that still come out of the closets! 

We, my son who this month turned 8 years old and my hubby, had a month of sheer strolling around in small villages, eating paella and sardines and all kinds of seafood. And every day, we walked, swimmed or climbed the rocks on some cute beach. Because the beaches in the Costa Brava are just amazing!Completely inspired, I thought I would show you how the jewelry world translates summer and sea into enchanting, magical pieces of jewelry. Dive into this underwater world of wonders and discover how Le Vian, Lydia Courteille, Pasquale Bruni and Carrera Y Carrera, see our beloved sea creatures!

Carrera Y Carrera 

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Saturio Esteban Carrera, moved in 1885 from Hita to Madrid. He could never have imagined that the small company he started, would grow to be one of the most known jewelry brands in the world. Carrera Y Carrera had a huge break, when in 1960, a Belgian king married a Spanish aristocrat. King Baudouin I of Belgium and Spanish aristocrat Fabiola of Mora y Aragón, commissioned the wedding tiara at the Carrera Y Carrera workshop. Possibly paying a tribute to Fabiola's homeland. 


CarreraYCarrera starfish jewelry bizzita

Starfish jewelry in gold and diamonds by Carrera Y Carrera


Pasquale Bruni.

Established in Valenza, Italy. This company was, together with Damiani, the first to really put a lot of effort and money into marketing and branding their name and product. Long gone are the times that this company had a small showroom in Valenza, with heavy curtains. But I still remember how, in a time where everyone was putting as much jewelry as humanly possible in their windows, they just did the one or two pieces. Creating a theatrical effect. Today, their main showroom is in Milan and there is a state of the art factory in Valenza. Pasquale Bruni is known for its craftsmanship, knowing how to create a statement piece and iconic pieces of jewelry. They are classic but always with a twist. And they are here to stay! You may find Pasquale Bruni in your country too, usually in high end jewelry stores. 



PasqualeBruni jewelry turtle 1PasqualeBruni jewelry turtle

Pasquale Bruni starfish earrings

Le Vian has a very rich history

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Le Vian is a very old company. It states that its roots date back to 1500 and this fills them with the kind of elegant *knowing who we are* attitude. They are more active than ever, yet perhaps, much more than any younger company ( ok, it's easy to be younger, but say from less than 20 years old) they do not need to prove themselves anymore. I would call them: gracefully ambitious. The company has a huge collection and a love for brown, or as they call it: chocolat diamonds. The collection meets many tastes, these lobsters and especially the crab too, are one of their finer pieces! 




LeVian Lobster Jewelry Brooch Bizzita

LeVian Jewelry pendant necklace animal Fish bizzita



LeVian jewelry crab

LEVian watch Octopus

LeVian jewelry Lobster 3 

LeVian starfish ring


Lydia Courteille

Lydia is one of my favorite designers. She has this fantasy, so over the top, so daring, sometimes a little morbid, other times incredibely entertaining, but always stunning. Surely not everybody's cup of tea, but there you have it: I have a weak spot for all those who do not try to please everyone. They dare something that many others might dream of doing. Trying to dazzle, yet always keeping a certain client in mind. 

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Below you'll find a few of her sea themed jewelry pieces. What do you think? Striking, aren't they?! 

LydiaCourteille seahorse necklace opals blue

LydiaCourteille Earrings Octopus Earrings

Lydia Courteille Earrings Fish

Lydia Courteille Brooch Seahorse

LydiaCourteille turtle



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