Seaside jewelry to make you dream of those warm and joyful summer days!

In the Netherlands we have the kind of weather that is almost never extreme, but a summer with many rainy days are not uncommon. Therefore every summer we are found on all the South European beaches to enjoy a much more stable kind of weather! I do love the custom jewelry sold on the local boulevards, the shells on a leather strap...perfect on the beach and no worries if you should lose it. But if you want some luscious sea side inspired jewelry, there is soooo much out there!

Sea theme jewelry roberto coin octopus

Such cute little these rings by Roberto Coin

Come and take a look. It is the first series of sea side jewelry, but certainly not the last.

Sea theme jewelry Webster

This stunning lobster is by one of my favorite designers: Stephen Webster


In Italy I lived an hour from the flower riviera and I spent many lovely days there and just over the border on the French riviera. The light over there is incredibile.

Starfish jewelry aveva

AveVa jewelry made this cute little starfish pendant


The sea side has just this buzz of life. You can find all kinds of luxury too in the shops close to the beaches. I went often to Portofino too. An amazingly beautiful little place on one of the most idyllic shores.

Coral Jewelry Alcozer

I recently discovered the work of Daniela de Marchi and I must say I appreciate it very much!




But these days I am more drawn to the Costa Brava. Places like Pals and Tossa del Mar are more my kind of holiday now. It is much less luxury for sure and if you look for the parties and so on, you can visit Lloret de Mar for example. 

Brooch jewelry Autore Sea

A very important brooch with so much going on, the pearls indicate that this is not a very cheap piece but I love to admire it all the same. Wonderful! A painting almost...

But I love the sort of beauty and calm of the smaller villages. In the evening there is no showing off, like in Italy ;-) But you can sit and watch the sun go down and life is very laid back.


Bianca Moretti made a whole series of sirene's and the are seductive and cute.....

There is so much gorgeous jewelry around based on the sea, the fish, the corals and so forth that I will need more than one blog to show you once more the amazing creativity of designers.....

Pia Mariani Pendant

Another seductive sirene by Pia Mariani

Come and play with us iin the sand whilst we watch the crabs and the fish and the sweet little mermaids..:-))

Sicis Jewels necklace jellyfish octopus

Sicis Jewelry...Medusa with pearls




Sea theme jewelry watch VanCleefArpels

Van Cleef & Arpels....


SeaDragon jewelry

Sea dragon Green C. Jewelry


Sea jewelry Autore

Beautiful!! By Autore


Sea theme jewelry Vicente Gracia 2

Vicente Gracia....I see fishes and more...


Sea theme jewelry silver misis.jpg2

Silver bracelet by Misis


Seahorse Jewelry DanielaDeMarchi

Seahorses as a pendant by Daniela de Marchi


Sea theme jewelry silver misis.jpg1

Misis has a beautiful line of silver jewelry with a sea theme. Heavy but well made and charming!


Sea theme jewelry Tabbah

Reminds me of the sea this wonderful line made by Tabbah

Sea theme jewelry Vicente Gracia

Vicente Gracia


Sea theme jewelry roberto coin octopus bracelet

Roberto Coin Octopus bracelet


Sea theme jewelry LeoPizzo

An iconic pendant of the Leo Pizzo Collection


Sea theme jewelry silver misis.jpg5

Amazing collar by Misis


Sea theme jewelry silver misis.jpg4

Misis ( silver )

Seahorse Pendant Rosato

Seahorse by Rosato in silver

Sea theme jewelry Dolphin DeGrisogono

Another one of my absolute favorite jewelers is De Grisogono.....


Sea theme jewelry Carrera Y Carrera

Beautiful...a wave...full of grace...Carrera Y Carrera



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