Some last minute Christmas jewelry gifts inspiration under 500 Dollar

Some very last inspiration for your gifts this Christmas! If you are looking for some pieces and not spend a fortune, then come and check this out. Who knows, you might get very inspired!

Affordable jewelry2 

The bracelets are from Victor & Rolf for Swarovski and are so on trend for the upcoming season!. Price for the cuff bracelet is: 199,- euro  and the ring retails at: 179,- eruo You can purchase them online at the webshop of Swarovski or go to a nearby dealer..The bag is Mia Bag and the Ear muffs are from Bart

The last weekend before Christmas is here! If you are still looking for a lovely little jewelry gift to give or to receive, then I hope to inspire you with some pictures. They may give you an idea of what styles you like and why I picked them for you. Of course: it is just a very small collection.

Affordable jewelry1

Earrings are by Oscar del la Renta 170 dollar and the bracelet is by the Italian company called Eclat ( a brand to watch) silver with a golden finish: 194,- euro. The hot bags are by Furla and the nailpolish is from Opi.


There is so much out there! But if your budget isn't enormous, you might choose for something really small in gold. Or something a little bigger in silver. 

Affordable jewelry

Mia Bag, cute earrings from N2 Les Nereides 6,- euro, scarf from Hermès and the cute fox bag, which made me smile lots when I saw it in the fashion magazines is by Barbara Bonner


There is a third options , which is: custom jewelry. According to your budget, you could check the high street stores like Top Shop, Zara, H & M or whatever the brands are in your city or country. You could go a little up, choosing custom jewelry with a little more quality. 

Affordable jewelry6

Gorgeous bag by Furla, Diorific top coat finish Dior. Disney pendant for the young at heart, inspired by the movie UP; 39 euro. Kendra Scott bracelet, so 2015! price: 120,- dollar and bracelet by Kenneth Cole: 48,- dollar

Whatever your budget is, there is always something fashionable and cute out there. If you have to choose, then don't mind if you spend a little more on an item. It might be worth it in the end. Quality doesn't come cheap. This is a mantra that I always repeat in my head when I am tempted by something. 

Affordable jewelry3

Bag by Furla ring is  by Swarovski and is called Bouquet Double: 99,- euro. Famous Lash Queen Mascara by Helena Rubenstein, X bracelet by Trollbeads from 55,- euro ( the one on the photo is more expensive, they are customazible) and Dior 5 colours eyeshadow 046

However, one of my best buys ever in custom jewelry was from H & M. They had a limited edition from Anna dello Russo for a while. And I got the whole animal collection of cuffs and necklaces...and I enjoy it a lot. These pieces were around 30 euro/25 dollar  and you might still find them on sites like Ebay. 

Affordable jewelry4

Pendant with small necklace: Honolulu Jewelry comapny 50,- dollar and earrings from Otazu ( Amazon and 122,50 euro. I have sold the silver collection of Otazu as a sales agent in the past and although not all was well made, this collection, with a snake like motive, was extremely beautiful and very well made. It really stood out. On sale now on their website. The little star ting is by Swarovski, the Balthus ring: 119,- euro

Whatever your choice is going to be, make sure you always keep the person in mind for whom you are buying and I am sure you'll make the right decision ( but keep the receipt ;-)))

Affordable jewelry5

ring Nomination ( order online or look for a shop nearby) 94 euro. Necklace by Kate Spade ( Amazon) 60 dollar.

Happy Holidays!





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