Spring is in the air!

There is always that first evening, when just before dawn you hear a blackbird sing for the very first time again. It fills my heart with joy every spring. That first song, the first shy signs of new life. The little lambs that seem to be everywhere right now. The blossoming of the trees. Flowers slowly popping out everywhere. 


Bizzita fiori Cantecler

Cantecler designed this delightful necklace


Spring is connected with rebirth and new hope. A season with its own set of emotions that we attach to it. Jewelry designers have always embraced, like most artists of course, nature. Flowers, butterflies, caterpillars, blossom …we all see it back in striking examples of jewelry that tempts you to feel the same emotions over and over again whilst you wear them. Emotions that beauty can stir within us.

Bizzita Fiori SantAgostino

We sold these brooches when I lived in Italy and ran a jewelry store. Sant Agostino is also from Valenza and makes the most delicate jewelry. Mostly stuffed with flowers and bugs! 

So for the whole duration of spring I will post every Tuesday a series that might stir that emotion within you J

This week it’s all about flowers!

Bizzita Fiori Boodles Lovebirdring

Love bird ring by Boodles*. Such a romantic ring. Makes me think of poetry:

Poem by Mark R. Slaughter


I fell in love –
Taken by the innocence of
Child-face daffodils:

Their perky April fanfares –
Clarion calls from yellow-ochre brass bands -
Presaging, rejoicing, calling us:

‘Here we are! Here we are! 

Bizzita Fiori Annemariacammilli

Earrings like calyces, soft as only Annamaria Cammilli makes them

Bizzita Fiori AnnamariaCammilli1

Again Annamaria Cammilli. No words needed...just imagine stroking these petals
Bizzita-Fiori Boucheron Platinum
Boucheron Platinum brooch with diamonds and enamel. 
Bizzita Fiori Damiani mimosa
Mimosa, in blue...by Damiani. Did you know that 8th of March is international women day and in Italy you receive from your loved ones, in shops and so forth a bit of mimosa?
Bizzita Fiori WendyYue
Wendy Yue, lizards, rosed...soft pastel colors...spring!
Bizzita Fiori FeiLiu Cascade
Fei Liu, an artistic view on designing a flower. Light, airy, stunning
Bizzita Fiori SicisOClock
Sicis O'Clock. It's honestly the first time I ever heard of them, but it is love at first sight. Love this watch!
Bizzita Fiori RusselTrusso1
Baroque pearls and soft pink...a beautiful brooch designed by Russel Trusso
Bizzita Fiori Meissen5
Meissen is no longer * just* a porcelain company. They stepped into fashion and jewelry big time. Most designs however remind you always of the original roots of this company that has romance written all over it
Bizzita-Fiori BoucheronFlower
Ok, this is a bit of an expensive piece, but it is just to make us go: wow! Boucheron ( makes me wow a lot of times ;-)
Bizzita Fiori Boucheron shaun leane
This stunning necklace is just breathtakingly beautiful. The more you look at it, the more you discover. It is made for Boucheron by Shaun Leane for a special occasion of the famous French brand


 * The Boodles Lovebird ring price is: £32.960 :-) ( gasping, or running to get that hammer and break that  ceramic piggy bank?, hehehe)


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