Spring jewelry, come hear the birds sing

It is still freezing outside, when we wake up early morning in this part of the world. It’s almost more cold now than during this past winter. But something has changed and it was a few weeks ago that I felt my heart almost make a little leap of joy. The first bird sang in the early evening hour. It was a black bird…and even if it was still too cold, I opened my doors to the garden and sat there, listening. 

Video: van Cleef & Arpels

Bague-Van-Cleef-Oiseaux-1-183849 L

Can you guess the price of this beautiful little ring? Try and then click to see if you were anywhere close. If you weren't, don't worry! I wasn't able to guess it either...:-)


And the bird sang about rebirth of nature. The trees that have rested during wintertime are almost ready to show their first, beautiful shiny green leaves. Little bulbs under the ground are ready to burst and grow and show us colors, yellow, blue, red, pink, purple! The bird sang about new life in the meadows that surround the small city that I live in. Meadows full of little lamb jumping and playing. Bird jewelry blue Boucheron

Boucheron, Beladora,Cartier bird with emeralds, diamonds and sapphire, a vintage piece by Van Cleef & Arpels

Smiling at spring time

New life, rebirth….it is Spring that I love the most of all seasons. Maybe because it’s so full of promises. Or maybe because it teaches me, over and over again, that after the dark comes the sunshine. And that life is natural like that. We have our weak moments, our sad moments, our dark moments….but somehow, one day life will be kind again, you will have reason to smile, and the sun returns.

Bird jewelry-pendant necklace ring

The two black birds form a beautiful ring adorned with black diamonds, this retails for around 7000 dollar. The Heron is by Garrard &Co, The Paradise bird pendant is by Feraud and has sapphires, amuthists and diamonds, the cute little bird escaping to its freedom is a stunning little creature made by Cartier. It is perhaps, for those who search for meaning, one of the nicest pieces of jewelry, even if not the most impressive perhaps. Because you may see this as a talisman, or a symbol, of breaking free...from whatever holds you back.

My father and birds

My father had a huge love for birds. Still today he keeps a large birdcage in the garden filled with all kinds of tropical birds. I learned the names of many birds when I was a child as I grew to be fascinated by them.  If you take just a look at all the colors! The shapes, the dances birds do and the nests birds build, they are so fascinating.

Bird jewelry jewellery

Masters Exclusive jewelry


Birds enchant us with their songs

And a bird can sing. More than any other animal it can enchant us with its voice. And now, spring is here…and I wake up very early in the morning and open the window. I sneak back into bed and listen. With a smile on my face.

Bird jewelry watch jaquet droz peacock
How I love this watch. And I would be intrigued by the person who actually buiys and wears a watch like this. Why would they do it? What is it that attracts them to wear something like this rather than a Rolex? Or maybe, it is a collectors piece and it might be the same person who actually wears that Rolex, who buys this kind of watch? I find that hard to believe somehow ;-) The peacock ring is by Sicis, an Italian company known for its mosaic in the finer interior design homes. They transfered the idea of mosai on a much smaller scale and created, what I think to be, an utter original collection of jewelry and watches.

So much jewelry around with birds :-)

Of course, jewelry designers love to use birds for their inspiration. The amount of designs is almost never ending. Today I selected a little bit of everything, some old, some new….some funny and some stunning. I hope you’ll enjoy these little singers!

Bird jewelry cute

The Gouldian Finch used to be favorite bird in my fathers collection...I still think that this Australian finch is awesome!. The ring of Solange Azagury-Partridge makes me smile every single time I see it. It is very tiny and for those who love something fun and daring without going to bold and bright. The bracelet is from Juicy Couture, not sure if it still available but I saw it as a lovely piece of fashion jewelry which can be, just as fun and lovely to wear. The amazing little duck far right is by famous Parisian jeweler: Cartier. The beautiful brooch with the two diamond studded love birds is by van Cleef & Arpels in white gold, pink gold, diamonds, red and pink coral beads, spessartite garnets, sapphires, purple and pink sapphires. The brooch in the middle is again a vintage piece, just to inspire you, made by Marchak....and then we come to this happy little fellow...How cute is he? And how wonderful a designer one must be, to get that expression just right? It's by Patek Philippe and was made around 1971. 


Bird jewelry earrings brooch

The drawing is used by DeLaneau and I love it. So much is happening in one picture...the bird is by Beladora and is made in platinum with diamonds and and emerald in the eyes to create some contrast. Then earrings from one of my favorite high end jewelry designers: Lydia Courteille.


Bird jewelry gold diamonds silver enamel gemstone

Wallace Chan created this swan and there is not one side of this creation that isn't surprising, done differently than most of the jewelry we know and all in all just as enchanting as the most beautiful written fairytale or poem. The magnificent bird in the middle is by the Russian jewelry company: Jewellery Theatre. The diamond flying bird is a vintage piece by Van Cleef & Arpels. De cute peacock earrings are by Lotus art de vivre, the intriguing piece with swallows is by René Lalique and is vintage (from around 1900) The green, blue and red bird is my MonPlaisir and the little piece of art on the far right below is by Chanel : white gold Birdcage clock featuring two cockatoos entwined amongst pink camelias features 61.5ct of brilliant-cut diamonds, sculpted moonstone, sculpted pink quartz, rock crystal and gray and white mother-of-pearl. 


Bird jewelry pink flamingo parrot wendy hue

The parrots are by Wendy Hue...I love them...I really really love these earrings :-) the beautiful flamingo is by Wild at Heart and is actually a cocktail ring.


Bird jewelry-tattoo gold blue paradise bird

Masters Exclusive parrot, exotic bird in gold is by Chaumet, the little swallow is by Anton Lachmann...look at the tattoo! I never had a tattoo and find it very hard to imagine that I ever will, but I do love these colorful ones a lot..( on others ;-)))



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