Summer jewelry trends to make you shine

The seaside, sipping cocktails, long summer evenings outside with friends. The time of the year we all slow down a little and enjoy life outside. Summer time is also about the beach, the sea…and this is of course a big inspiration for those who create fashion. Trends come and go, but the inspiration designers take from the sea creatures never fades.

Summer jewelry trend Dior

Dior jewelry, stunning little brooch

Crabs, lobsters, dolphins

Crabs, lobster, seashells, whales, dolphins…you name it. They all create this sense of freedom and summer.

Summer jewelry trend Raspini

Giovanni Raspini, silver and gemstones for this beautiful necklace. How beautiful for an evening out!

Summer trend

It might be right on trend in summer time but why not wear it throughout the year? I love how looking at a dolphin can already trigger that feeling of sandy beaches and sun kissing my skin. Looking at the little lobster or crab and see how my child with this bucket and net goes fishing for them….for hours completely obsessed with them.  ( and crying every time because I have to explain him that we really cannot bring them home)

Summer jewelry trend MassimoIzzo2

Massimo Izzo

Costa Brava

Our holidays are spent on the Costa Brava in Spain, where we enjoy the cute little places, the stunning bays and the light that is so different than in the Northern part of the globe.

Summer jewelry trend Shawish2

Shawish jewelry...cuff bracelet. This is actually a rather big bracelet. Wearing a big cuff bracelet is wonderful especially as a statement piece. It really doesn't need any other jewelry but if you do like to wear something go for earrings.

Don't be too serious!

Find here some inspiration for you. Admire the creativity and see how you can translate it to your own taste and style and wallet of course! Have fun and play and enjoy jewelry that is not too serious! :-)

Summer jewelry trend Peggy Creazioni 1

Peggy Creazioni, custom jewelry bracelet. Looks lovely!

Summer jewelry trend atelierMinyon 18ktgoldsilver

Atelier Minyon, octopus in silver, gold and gemstones

Summer jewelry trend Orotrend

Oro Trend, a happy little dolphin. 

Summer jewelry trend Guess

Fashion brand Guess also got inspired by the sea creatures


Summer Jewelry trend Suzanne Syz

Now here is a little crab we could take home if found :-) Suzanne Syz

Summer jewelry trend LeoPizzo

A little fish, slightly flexible, with diamonds, from Valenza Po: Leo Pizzo


Summer jewelry trend Manya Roumen

Manya Roumen designed this extremely lovely little crab. It's endearing!

Summer jewelry trend LeVian

Lobster brooch, Le Vian

Summer jewelry trend MassimoIzzo3

The gemstones are so roughly cut that they remind you of the sea,with an amazing centre piece: Massimo Izzo

Summer jewelry trend Misis

Sea horse in silver, Misis has one of the nicest collections in silver that represents the sea theme.

Summer jewelry trend Tiffany Jean Schlumberger

Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany, very chique bracelet.

Summer jewelry trend Tiffany

And more Tiffany, this is an important piece of jewelry of course and a brooch. But something like this does not only look smart of an evening outfit or business dress. If you have the guts, it is great to wear this nonchalantly during daytime combining it with your jeans and simple t-shirt and jacket.

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