The 10 hottest colors this spring

| Esther Ligthart | 2015

Custard, strawberry ice, toasted almond, it sounds like the tastes you would find in an ice cream salon! But they are the tasty names of the hottest colors in fashion this Spring. On Bizzita today, a compilation of those colors combined with fashion, jewelry and accessories. Get your inspiration here!


1. Marsala

Named after an Italian wine, originally used in Tiramisu. This deep warm red color has a brown undertone and is somehow a very mature color. Not something you would choose for a young girl perhaps. It has a kind of serious, but interesting air of maturity.

trend color-2015 marsala pantone jewelry spring 2015

Marsala: the dress and the watches are by the Italian upcoming fashion company that will make it big: Manila Grace. The Chopard Apple ring is so beautiful, did you notice the inside details too? The chandelier earrings are by Clementina Duarte . Cameo is by Modula Gioielli. The sandal is by Armani . The ring underneath is by Garavelli and the last ring, that looks a little like a mushroom, very organic is by: Moraglione


2. Custard

An easy color for anyone to wear. It does not the kind of yellow that knocks you off your socks. Every summer I try it again, seem to never learn that bright yellow is definitely not my color, but it is the relation that we link to this color with the sun, that is so tempting. Custard is much softer, kinder...and I probably can wear it even too!

Trend colors spring 2015 custard yellow accessories bag shoe jewelry

Custard: Carrera Y Carrera earrings, the sunny looking ring: Eclat. The cute fashionable bracelet is by Art 7, the ring is by Jochen Pohl, the necklace is called white grapes and is by Agata Calka and the custard leather bag is by Ralph Lauren



3. Tangerine

A color with a tangy edge, yet friendly and suitable for almost everyone. This beautiful color can lift you up. Looks great on your lips and even lifts up the palest of skins. Tangerine is uplifting!

Trend colors 2015 orange jewelry bag

Tangerine: Bracelet is by Erica Courtney, the bag is by Karl Lagerfeld, the bangle is by Piropo joyas and the cute little tangerine bag is by Devi Kroell



4. Glacier Gray

A soft kind of grey. Although grey may seem just a lighter version of black, it really can be very soft and flattering. A color that is easy to mix with a much brighter color, or as the base for adding more pastel colors. The choice is yours. I LOVE grey.


Trend colors glacier gray grey jewelry fashion


 Glacier Gray: the beautiful bag is so versatile for every season really. Made by Givenchy. The sneakers: Nike Air Huarache Mettalic Shine, Make-up by Dior ( I think Dior has one of the best eye shadows) Chandelier earrings by Stephen Webster, the beautiful ring is in platinum, by Valenza Jewelry company Vhernier. The shoes: the light grey one is by: Mai Più Senza and the high heel by Dutch company: Supertrash.



5. Toasted almond

I immediately think: Max Mara coat. No idea why, but this color is that kind of camel coat mix trench coat idea. Neutral, so never out of place. If you are not sure what to wear to a job interview, a sales meeting or any place that you are not sure what the dress code is, wear Neutral! It is a smart woman’s choice, mature and very soft, yet not girlie.

Trend colors spring 2015 neutral toasted almond nude jewelry

Toasted Almond: the leather bracelets featured here all by Sence Copenhagen. A beloved fashion trend that is so succesful today! The earrings above are too by Sence Copenhagen, the rings are by Bavna and Jochen Pohl. The bag, which I think is uber cute is by: V73



6. Strawberry Ice

A color that does not need any extra explanation, right? I have two ice cream addicts living with me, so I got it immediately when I read about this color being so hot. A far cry from shocking pink, this is actually a color that looks wonderful when your skin can use a bit of uplifting. This color actually can take a bit of fatigue, showing in your complexion, away!


Trend colors pink strawberry accessories jewelry

Bracelet by Pamela Huizinga, high sneaker is by Moschino, the bag YSL and the necklace is by Shouroul. The icecream ring is by Gumuchian



7. Classic Blue

Safe, solid and sound. It is bold, yet comforting. It is cool but emanes security. Blue is the perfect color to combine with almost every of the other colors mentioned here.


Trend colors blue jewelry

Classic Blue: Ring is by Jane Taylor, the watch is completely made in micro mosaic: Sicis, the bag...a must have piece by Sophie Hulme, the bracelet is by Tiffany and the sunglasses : RayBan



8. Lucity green

A beautiful soft green, faded yet such a wonderful strong color. I love this color on my eyes too. You can find the most interesting jewelry and accessories with this color to brighten up a *safer* color like blue or grey.


Trend color green 2015 jewelry trend

Lucite green: Sunglasses: Ray Ban, the dress is by Manila Grace, watch: deGrisogono, ring: Jochen Pohl, earrings by Irene Neuwirth


9. Scuba Blue

This color is not really easy to define. But think neoprene and think about diving suits, you might get the idea. A beautiful color for a dress but works wonders with your accessories too. Again a color that might add an interesting contrast with Glacier Gray and Toasted Almond. Beautiful of Classic Blue.

Trend colors spring 2015 blue scuba

Scuba Blue: nuances in this color by Malene Birger, necklace. The bracelet is by deGrisogono, the shoe is by  René Caovilla and the giant espadrille is going to be hot this summer: Paloma Barcelo the necklace is by: Ai bijoux and the coral like blue necklace is by Kenneth Jay Lane


10. Aquamarine

A color between the sky and the sea. A soothing color, great for bedrooms and people that need a safe, soothing and soft color. You never go wrong grabbing this color in the morning to wear. In jewelry and accessories it is a very sophisticated color. And of course, Aquamarine being a gemstone, there is so much choice out there!

Trend Colors 2015 Spring Aquamarine jewelry stella cartney

Aquamarine, the snake like ring is by one of my favorite jewelry designers: Giovanni Ferraris, the aquamarine necklace is by Stefan Hafner, the ring is by Cornelia Goldsmith ( what's in a name ;-) ) Aquamarine bracelet by Yael Sonia, necklace in silver with pendant by Thistle & Bee






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