The 4 big jewelry trends in 2015

| Esther Ligthart | 2015

Every season starts with a fresh outlook on fashion and trends. In jewelry, trends tend to last longer and usually the next trend is just an evolution of the trends we saw before. Jewelry is luxury and emotion, but still every year there is a new story to tell! Want to hear the 2015 story of jewelry? Come and discover the 4 biggest trends!




Digital Chic

JewelryTrend2015 Glamour

So Chic bracelet by Spallanzani 1880, above: Moschino 2015 fashion and the intelligent toy jewelry of Yael Sonia

This trend is all about our fascination with technology mixed with a desire to shine and sparkle. We have seen a lot of development in smart solutions in the past year. From cars that drive themselves to watches that interact with your social media or measure your health and mood.  We are only at the very beginning of an exciting era.

JewelryTrend2015 smart jewelry

These are all smart devices made into rings, bracelets, necklaces and of course: watches. If you like to know their purpose, please check out the websites of the companies. Above left are smart rings: Sesame ring, Timex Smart watch, ORB smart jewelry, the bracelets on the left are by Memi and the beautiful watch is by Mota. The pendant has bluetooth and is by CSR. The digital rings are by Smarty Rings and the watches in the middle are all Google watches. the yellow watch is by Microsoft and the small watches are by Huawai.
JewelryTrend2015 Rachel Zoe
Hollywood meets the future. Beautiful jewelry, a very modern taste. The necklace is by Annelise Michelson, the bracelet is by H. Stern, Rachel Zoe loves big jewelry and lamé dresses (I know this because I follow her show on TLC ;-), Boule ring by Elena Votsi and this gorgeous dress is by Lanvin, from the 2015 spring collection and is worn by Olivia Munn


And this excitement is felt in this trend: Digital Chic. We embrace technology but also the Hollywood interpretation of the future. Think about the glamorous images of those big intergalactic Hollywood productions.

JewelryTrend2015 Hermes

Sleek! The horses are by Hermès Galop Bague, above Giorgio Armani 2015 collection and the lovely simple but ever so elegant bracelet with leather is by DeGrisogono

Jewelry Trend 2015 silver

Lamé dress by Monique Lhuillier, bracelet by Breuning, the ring above is by John Hardy and the beautiful jewelry set on the right side is by Bastian Inverun. below the finnish silver jewelry company: Lapponia. The beautiful bracelet in the middle is by Giorgio Bonaguro and the pendant by Bastian Inverun. Carrie Fisher wore this Lapponia necklace as Princess Leia in the Star Wars saga.

Think of sci-fi movies and you get the idea. This highly modern style is all about new materials, glam, sportive futuristic design. It is about innovation as much as it is about a love the vivid imagination of our future, nurtured by films, books and technology. It's highly modern and exciting!


Romantic Goth

Jewelry trend 2015 hot

Dolce & Gabbana and earrings by Axenoff

This trend is all about romance, drama, fairytales. It’s an eccentric trend that loves big gemstones and does not shy away from highly romantic details. This style is about idealism and imagination of a world beyond our own reality and time, almost like an escape from a world that may be a little too chaotic and difficult to understand at times.

Jewelry trend 2015 Magerit

All jewelry by the famous and fabulous house of Magerit

Jewelry trend 2015 Romantic

The star ring is by Nikos Koulis, all the other pieces of jewelry are by Axenoff

It is a very individualistic style but yet it embraces a common love of people of freedom. We are ever more aware that we are connected and this style might be seen as an attempt to unite that desire to stand out and have our very own interpretation of style yet with that awareness of being all equal and connected.

Jewelry trend 2015 diamond

Axenoff advertisement, the key is by Theo Fennel, the never out of fashion and always romantic pearl necklace is by Mikimoto, as is the one below on the left side. The horse bracelet is by Hermès

Of course, like all styles described, it has that modern twist to it. I love this style because it is a playful and mindful style. It enables us to play with themes and not hold back on how we want to express ourselves. It is a decadent dream but with a very conscious heart

Jewelry trend 2015 romantic gold goth

I love these rings that cover more than one finger! Casato gioielli from Rome, the wing ring is almost like from a fantasy and is by Jasmine Alexander, the image above on the right side is by Swarovski, the family tree necklace is by Gustavo Renna and again a wonderful ring by Casato, the earrings are also by Casato and the cuff with gold studs is by John Hardy


Jewelry trends 2015 elegant

Earrings are byMattioli, Amy Adams wears Max Mara 2015 collection and the pendant is by Breuning


This style is about less is more. It is a style that wants to take all noises away and create some peace and quiet. It is about just design. Nothing extra, nothing superfluous. It is the style of those who reject over consumption, who love the idea of timeless items and design. Graphic, pure, logic, rational.

Jewelry trends 2015 beautiful

Pendant in silver is by Breuning, the bag is lovely and elegant Devi Kroell, catwalk scene by Hugo Boss spring/summer 2015 and the silver necklace is by Geromino Jones, below: infinity collection by Tiffany and the golden bracelets are by Faraone Gioielli

This style helps you to calm down, not having to make a million choices. It does not tell you stories other that the very purest of geometrical forms and ideas.

Jewelry trends 2015 minimalist

Bee My Love collection by Chaumet, the Amore rings are by Hulchi Belluni, the stunning bracelet is b Giorgio Bonaguro

It is clean, never out of place, stylish yet understated chique. This style is so different from the others described above for two reasons: 1. It is about pure quality.

Jewelry trends 2015 gemstone min

Antonio Bernardo earrings, bag by Devi Kroell and ring by Jochen Pohl


Jewelry trends 2015 gold diamond

Bracelet by Isabella Fa, below the bracelet is a design by H.Stern. All the other designs are by Antonio Bernardo

As it is so plain and so nude the quality becomes instantly the highest value. 2. It is modest, which the other three trends are definitely not. 

East meets West

JewewlryTrends 2015 exotic

Bracelets top left are by Roberto Coin, the two big cuff bracelets show us some marvellous craftsmanship: Buccellati, big gemstones remind us of mother nature: Gumuchian Icecream Collection, the wonderful pink gemstone necklace is by Elena Votsi

This style trend is really very exotic. It is about those highly decorative styles and ethnic heritage. This is a style that wants to fulfill our desires of telling and hearing stories of countries far far away.

Jewelry trends 2015 ethnic jewellery 1

John Hardy, followed by two images of Roberto Coin bracelets, the Indonesian jewelry company Rene Feby is on the far right. Like something you might have found in nature, bracelet by Raffaella Mannelli, exotic princess by Victoria's Secret, beautiful ring by MVee and Chanel resort wear that shows us that great mix of East meets West. Below: H.Stern, Indian Bridal Jewelry, Valentino 2015 and earrings by Lucia Odescalchi

Jewelry trends 2015 ethnic jewellery 2

Moussaieff Jewellery, Chunky gemstone by Kara Ross, and leather and gold by Oro Malia, a very old craft is enameling jewelry, Nouvella Bague is an expert at it. The masks are by Lydia Courteille, the ebony and gold ring is by Jacqueline Cullen and the earrings are  by H.Stern

 Stories about other cultures that make us dream of travelling, without going there for real. We  appreciate our own history again and that of others. We see a lot of natural elements in this style, it is about culture and nature, with a very contemporary approach.

Jewelry trends 2015 tribal

The beautiful singer Lira wears tribal jewelry, ring by Lydia Courteille, Earrings by Shaun Leane, Tribal ring by Lydia Courteille, organic designs by Roberto Coin and the black cross ring with daisies is again by the Parisian Lydia Courteille

It’s about appreciating  the skills of the true craftsman from all corners of the world. Folklore and Avant-garde just go hand in hand in this trend.

Jewelry trends 2015 color

Victoria's secret, the ring is by Chaumet- Hortsensia ring, the beautiful earrings are by Goshwara, oriental inspiration by Lebole Gioielli, Ring with a scenery on it by Gustavo Renna, the bag is by Dolce & Gabbana, Middle Eastern influences in the earrings of Lebole Gioielli, Le Sibille flower baskets earrings, a very exotic looking watch by DeGrisogono, fab shoe by Nicholas Kirkwoord ( image of flower: courtesy Michelle Armstrong)

I love this trend for it embraces not just one culture but it creates the perfect Jewelry Babylon.

Jewelry trends hot gemstone

Alexandra Mor ring, David Yurman and Desigual earrings on the catwalk. The bracelet with the gemstones are all by Pamela Huizinga, the bracelet far right is by Octiu, and the green necklace is by Coomi



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