The biggest jewelry and fashion trends for autumn and winter 2016-2017

Fashion trends are fun. I love to take notice and then walk quietly my own path. But I do love to know what is happening and mix the fashion trends with the jewelry trends for the upcoming season! Curious what the trends will be for this Autumn and Winter of 2016-2017?

Check out ALL the latest trends in this blog!


The Biggest Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends2017jewelryaccessories

Fashion Trend: Glitter and glamour, pop culture and kawaii 

Doesn’t it seem that almost anything goes these days? The fashion trends don’t seem to go from one extreme to another anymore, but much like the global jewelry and luxury trends, live through an evolution of the recent styles. I believe that this has much to do with people being conscious of what the true cost of the clothing industry is on people and the planet’s resources and environment.


Fashion Trend: Big sleeves, puffy shoulders

Fashion and jewelrytrends20162017runway

Fashion Trend: Royalty, ruffles and lace 



Fashion Trend: Plaid, print and logo

Jewelry and Fashiontrends20162017puffer

Fashion Trend: Puffer jackets and bubblegum pink

Jewelry fashiontrends2017velvet

Fashion Trend: PVC and Velvet, shiny and soft 

We can wear layered looks, lots of velvet or even go punky with PVC. You can go hunting for lammy coats in second hand stores or wear faux fur in the brightest colors, even in the hot bubblegum pink. Puffer coats are usually popular in winter, as they are so comfortable, but the bigger the better, is the motto of some of the fashion guru's. Jumpers over skirts and jumpers with use puffy shoulders or enormous sleeves are in fashion this season and some of the fashion houses paid huge tributes to the pop icons that have passed away recently, like David Bowie and Prince. 

And in jewelry: 

The fashion runway does have an influence on jewelry trends of course, although in luxury and jewelry, trends tend to last a lot longer than in fashion. But let’s see what the jewelry trends are for the upcoming season!

 The Biggest Jewelry Trends 



1.The Pearl Dream



When it comes to pearls, most people, including myself think of very well behaved girls, grandmothers and the 50’s somehow. But in a fond and loving way. I never regarded pearls as out of date, but the love for pearls by the public has its ups and downs. Chanel, one of the classical pearl jewelry fashion brands, proposed them on the runway for the autumn and winter 2016-2017 collection and they did not hold back.


Yoko London Pearl Necklace, Mastoloni Pearl and Diamond Earrings and below: Earrings by Van Cleef & Arpels
Jewelry trend2017pearls
Bastian Inverun Necklace, Autore Pearl Necklace and Pink Pearls by Crivelli


We have to thank mostly Chanel for having no shame at all to wear lots and lots of pearls! The real thing or the faux thing, just don’t hold back!


2.Single and Asymmetric Earrings

Jewelry trends20162017earrings

Fashion Jewelry Earrings by Chloé, Peridot Asymmetric Earrings by Lisa Nik, Earrings with black diamond star by Federica Tossi, below: Earcuff by Borgioni, Lara Bohinc and Single Earring by Tina Graig for Nouvel Heritage 


For some time now, we have seen earrings going through a revolution. Although most will continue to wear a *normal* pair of earrings, some might play with fashion jewelry and try out the latest trend in wearing single or asymmetric earrings. This doesn’t mean that designer- of fine jewelry brands are holding back. For those of you who really dig this trend and have enough money to spend on something frivolous, there are a lot of stunning choices.




Michael Pelamidis Ring in Gold, Diamonds and Pearls, Imogen Belfield and Vendorafa


The Rings are all by Michael Pelamidis, the Pendant is by Jacquie Aiche, Earrings by Sarah Graham and the Bracelet by Pamela Huizenga


Raw gemstones, raw and organic looking jewelry. It’s been something for a niche public for a long time, but for the upcoming season(s) you can go as wild as you like.


Check out : Organic jewelry that rocks!


4.Nature and Symbols


Ring from the Galaxy Collection by Bibi van der Velden, Ring with Buddha by Pamela Huizenga, Heart Pendants by Elena Votsi, Pendant and Ring by Bibi van der Velden 



FancsV Seahore in Silver Pendant, Cat Necklace by Loewe, Angry Gioielli Jewelry set with Flowers, Elephant Bracelets by Angry Gioielli and Fashion Jewelry Necklace by Valentino


Whether it is animal themed jewelry, flowers, trees, stars, planets, horoscopes, talisman, crosses or religion, nature and symbols are a huge trend. Corresponding with todays longing of people to understand life and connect with nature and the spiritual world.


Strong Religious Symbolism in Statement Jewelry Pieces by Amlé and Perry Gargano

Jewelrytrendbutterfly bravoroberto

All Jewelry by Roberto Bravo


A subtrend we absolutely adore is the Kawaii trend. Funny details, smileys or emoji's as seen on the latest Chanel bags. Moschino and Jeremy Scott have always been great at this type of fashion. Here are some examples of this trend in jewelry:


Moschino Bracelet with Teddy Key, Funny Necklace by Etro, Ruffier Cat Necklace, Cover for iPhone by Dolce & Gabbana, Ruffier Pendant, Ring by Elena Votsi, Pendant by Ruggier and Ring by Robert Bravo 



5.Statement Chokers and Necklaces

Jewelry trends 2016 2017 amlé



Confuorto Gioielli, Black Bow Necklace by Yves Saint Laurent, Amlé Hearts, Pink Bow Necklace by Oscar de la Renta, Loewe Cat Necklace


Chokers are anything but simple to wear. They usually require an evening gown, or a blouse, the right neckline. And many of us can't wear the more rigid forms as our necks might simply be a little too big or we have to much muscle on our shoulder. Also; they are not known for being very comfy to wear. Yet this season, forget the evening gown and put it on a jumper, one of the trends this season, or anything you wear during day time. It does take a little to get used to, but there is a nonchalance and going against the rules, that I love about this trend. Chockers and huge necklaces, just make them noticable and you are on trend.


Oscar de la Renta Necklace, Tanzu Horn Necklace, Statement Necklace by Stella Mc Cartney and Choker by Uno de 50

Big necklaces, long or short are here and they rule!



Jewelryfashion trends bracelets

Cristofle Bracelet, Black Bracelets by Roberto DeMeglio and Margo Bicego

Usually, bracelets aren’t very big in the winter season. Reason? They get covered underneath sleeves. But this season we need to get those bracelets out of their boxes and put them, generously over our sleeves. Whether it’s your ruffled or lace blouse, or your jumper with the big shoulders like Dior, stack them and wear them with pride. Like seen on the runway by Lanvin, Prada and many others. You can see one of the examples on the front page cover of this blog. However, I think that one needs to be careful with this trend. Not all bracelets are suitable. The bigger the better, the smaller or the more delicate the bracelet is, the more chances there are that it can get stuck in the fabric of your sleeves or coat. You even might have a bigger chance to loose them, so I would advice you to be very careful with this trend if you wear precious jewelry. Note for example the 4th bracelet above, in the picture? Stunning but delicate. 


H. Weiss Bracelet, Roberto Bravo and NeoNero


7.Punky & Bohemian and Baroque

Jewelry Fashion trends 2016 2017

Assya London Rings, Bracelet by Crivelli, Earrings by Gucci, Rings by Maria e Luisa and Earrings by Lisa Nik

Regal influences, dreams about kissing frogs and finding a prince, velvet, punk and rich elements. You don’t have to be a princess or queen, opera singer or punk artist, to go wild on this trend. Even the small details in our daily accessories can already bring our outfits up to date. 

 Jewelry trends 2016 2017

Ring by Roberto Bravo, Horn Pendant by Jacquie Aiche, Sylvie Corbelin Scarab, Ring by Assya London, Star Ring by Federica Tosi and Snake Earrings also by Federica Tosi

Jewelrytrends 2016 2017Angrygioielli

Angry Gioielli

8.Knots, Layers, Bows and Hoops



OroMalia Bracelet in Black Leather and Gold, Ring in hammered Gold by Vendorafa, Bracelets by SuperOro, Marroni Rings and Lika Behar Bracelet

We have seen layering jewelry throughout the year and it doesn’t stop yet. For all those who love to flaunt our necklaces or feel that it enhances our individuality. Or for those who love the boho chic style of Ibiza or Coachella, layering is still here this winter! In our fashion outfits ánd our jewelry! Knots, bows and hoops, intertwined jewelry, in all kinds of material, are hot. From extremely classical to sporty and fashionable, wear them with anything and you’ll look great!

JewelryKnots layers and hoopstrends

Joanna Dahdah Bracelet in silver, Roberto Coin Bracelet, AlCoro

I would love to hear what you think of these trends and what you think, is the greatest in your eyes. Remember that trends are what they are: trends, but beautiful quality jewelry, either small or big, fashion or fine, is always on trend!



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