The biggest trends in jewelry for autumn and winter 2014-2015. Part 5. Sporty and Suits

| Esther Ligthart | 2014

I am so thrilled with the Sporty Spice in the Locker room trend! It actually makes me look trendy whilst I am wearing the most comfortable clothes. The look isn’t about really looking like you just got out of the gym, which is my favorite stay at home outfit. It does actually asks a little bit more of an effort to get it right, I suppose :-)





Giovanni Ferraris belt rings,Jeremy Scott, Nomination bracelet, Chanel for table tennis, Due Punti in Italian Sporty colors, Chanel Fashion show, Chanel Sneaker


A little bit of effort

But it’s a mix of woolen sweatpants, hot sneakers and a cute jacket. It’s adding sneakers to an otherwise much more formal outfit. It’s in details maybe more than the whole look. Although I must admit to love the Chanel show with all its sporty elements.



Sporty Jewels from Canada, Smart Watch from iPad, Giovanni Raspini sporty charms bracelet, Nike watch, thé watch for divers all over the world: Suunto, more Jeremy Scott 


It's in the details

You might think that with this kind of outfit, jewelry is maybe less appropriate but like any other trends, it’s all in the details. So check out what to wear if you like to look sporty outside the locker room!



Garavelli, Coomi, suits were on every catwalk, classical bracelet with diamond details, necklace Efva Attling, Carrera Y Carrera

Smart Suits

I have a closet full of formal wear. Lovely jackets, pants and loads of skirts. I love skirts and dresses and most of them are rather formal. And plain. As I worked for so many years in jewelry there is such a thing as being underdressed but you are rarely overdressed. And the plain colors are to emphasize whatever I wear as jewelry. When I was still selling jewelry I found out that what I was wearing always sold more easily. This is not my good taste, hahaha…although I wish that it was that, but rather: people saw it on a person and it just came more to life. Easier to imagine others wearing it. 



Calgaro black silver bracelet, Maria e Luisa Jewels, Talento's wonderful design rings, bamboo for Gucci, Buccellati

Smart suits are great for lazy people

As I am not selling jewelry anymore I have tried to break the habit of buying formal clothes. But here is the thing: whilst you might be impressed a little by a suit, it is actually the easiest wear for lazy people like me. You can’t go wrong (much) and you don’t have to think about it! Easy!


Suits jewelry Garavelli

Wonderful classical bracelet by Garavelli Jewelry from Valenza

The perfect picture frame for jewelry

Suits invite you to wear jewelry. Depending on your day and your encounters or where you work, you can choose so many items that will always look amazing. It’s like the ideal picture frame for any piece of jewelry. I gathered some pieces that will look wonderful. But there is hardly any limit to what you can wear with this style. It allows you even to go very bold. 

Suits Buccellati




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