The biggest trends in jewelry for autumn and winter 2014-2015. Part 6. Wool and Candy

| Esther Ligthart | 2014

The woolpack may just be the coziest trend this winter. Hot brands like Celine, Stella Mc Cartney, Michael Kors, Hillfiger and Chanel showed us warm giant cardigans, long cosy turtlenecks and the idea is to wear even more wool over that, with giant capes and scarves. We can only hope for a cold winter to wear all this wonderful coziness. 



Big woolen sweaters and cardigans and pants are *hot*, Annamaria Cammilli, Vendorafa & Giovanni Ferraris


If you look at the fashion trend itself, it is a lovely one and I am sure that many will adopt this style, when things get really chilly outside. But if we look at what accessories to wear with this style….it is hard! Not only is almost every piece of skin hidden, but wool and especially the big knits proposed to us this winter, make every piece of jewelry simply disappear!  My tip would be: go with the flow. Either choose items that resemble the patterns of woolen and woven clothing or go woolen all together!



Big chunky jewelry can work with this trend: Chanel, enormous wool necklace byTeresa Gannet, bracelet by Chiara BCN, Black fabric bracelet by Dori C Sengeri, Wool as a big inspiration for jewelry by the talented: Hisani Takei



Candy gives a sugar rush

As I am trying to cut out as much sugar as possible, I can only feel my mouth watering when watching all the accessories to combine with this style. Don’t you just love it too, how we can go from Normcore to Fairytale Drama and from It’s all Grey to well; Candy gives a sugar rush.  The sweetest most delicate tones are absolutely a huge trend this winter. Not your typical winter colors!


What a lot of candy jewelry! Carla Amorim, Chanel Plexiglass Cuff with candy, Zoccai  gioielli bracelet, Moraglione ring


Candy color in winter?

To go all candy colored out there is very daring in my eyes in this season. I would feel rather odd….haha, but I do love to play with the trend. Maybe just a sweet colored top and a cute scarf. And of course, sugar colored accessories.



Brumani, famous for its candy colored jewelry, Giovanna Butante a hot designer from Ital, Rina Limor Necklace.


So much candy jewelry

This trend is much easier than the Woolpack! For me at least :-) I had to limit myself a lot when searching for some wonderful jewelry to enchant you.  Whilst Woolpack took my forever.  ( But brought me to discover some new designers :-)


Candy Morphee Cherry Blossom

Cherry Bloddom rings by Pamela Hastry, Morphée joiallerie


Playful jewelry

Like all trends I would always like to invite you to play with themes, see what suits you. Fashion trends invite you to try something new at times. You might actually discover something you never thought suited you! 



Candy jewelry Suzanne Syz

hard candy earrings by Suzanne Syz



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