The biggest trends in jewelry for autumn and winter 2014-2015. Part 7. Shine and Normcore

| Esther Ligthart | 2014

This big fashion trend of 2014 and 2015 is all about shiny materials and lots of gold. The shinier the better! As a total look we saw it on the runway of Chanel, Narciso Rodriguez, Emilio Pucci, Prada and Moschino and many more. 


Horsecka necklace, Rebecca Bracelet, Lynn Ban jewelry, Mask rings by Garavelli, Lots of necklaces: Givency and the Pianegonda ring that I still own too!


Gold, Silver and grey

The trend is all about metal looks and shiny fabrics. In any color, but especially the metal colors like silver, gold and grey are favorites. If you go for the total look then you might want to get easy on the jewelry. I do love people who are bold, but there is a fine line between bold and really just too much (and haven’t we all crossed that line sometimes! I know I did;-) 



Rings by Oblik Atelier, shiny fashion, waves bracelet by Faraone, Vhernier ring, Rosato charm and shiny rings by Versace


Twinkle twinkle

When instead you like to go for details and just add a little bit more spark to your golden blouse with denim pants, you can opt for chunky pieces or just lots and lots of bracelets. Earrings that really twinkle and move whilst you walk and talk. Big golden rings, the lovely sound of bracelets playing around your wrist.


Shiny Damiani

Lots of more important bling: necklace by Damianu


Go bling!

There is no limit…now go get that over the top glitter eye shadow that you always thought was just too much and yes, get that extra bling on your wrist, ears and fingers.




Bracelet by Carla Amorim, Dihn Van, Kenzo Cuff bracelet and Tod's, kinf of Normcore



Normcore has an awful boring sound to it…don’t you think so? It sounds all so…well normal. And that’s just what this trend is all about. It’s dressing very normal. Why it sounds so boring? Well, it’s probably what you are doing already 80% of the time.



Chopard, Links of London and TOV essentials, normcore fashion as found on the streets, Trinity ring by Cartier and T-Bracelet by Tiffany & Co

Plain but classy

You don’t have to change anything really and you can be a plain girl. A little bit hipster/ nerd is ok. Slightly sportive too. Oversized and woolen clothes…it just all fits in this trend. It’s about not making much of an effort. Well, maybe you have heard that applying natural looking make- up asks a lot more skills than to do a full smokey eye. And so the real fashionista’s take Normcore very seriously and they make a huge effort to look like…they haven’t. 


Normcore Patek Philippe Female Watch

Patek Philippe is really very classy and elegant but misses the show off factor which makes it perfect for those who love Normcore



Effortlessly cool

I know it doesn’t make much sense and although you can easily laugh at this trend, I think that it is worth looking at it. See, it is all about your normal clothing. And really you don’t need to do anything extravagant. But Normcore can also be about very good quality clothes that last a lifetime. A Max Mara camel coat is an example. A pair of jeans that really is made of the best cut and quality is another. A simple but beautiful bag may be not so exciting and you won’t always get all the looks, but it is actually luxury that lasts. It’s much more about luxury that lasts, than being only  a fashion trend.


Normcore DavidYurman

Kate Upton for David Yurman, plain clothes, black and white photography....and sumple but elegant jewelry


Go for classic jewelry, it'll last a life time

In terms of jewelry I would say that Normcore may well be interpreted with simple jewelry. But I would like to say that Normcore could also be about that classic piece of jewelry. The kind you will wear for years and maybe even pass on to your daughter. It’s more about class and style and less about fashion. However you see it, it’s just a term….play with the idea. And embrace your very normal look from time to time…


Normcore Burberry

Burberry must be every Normcore fan's dream! Plain and slightly boring (sorry!) but also elegant, timeless and really never out of fashion. 




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