The Ultimate and Definitive Guide to Finding the Perfect Jewelry Gift

A complete guide to finding the perfect jewelry gift! Look no further. This is a no-nonsense, complete, and inclusive guide to finding and gifting the perfect piece of jewelry! Finding the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one can seem a daunting task. But we'll guide you through it. With ease!


The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift bracelets

The holiday season is upon us. Finally! This year (2020) has been challenging for almost everyone on the planet.

We have been tested, sometimes to our limits, in our empathy for others. We saw the clapping for caregivers, doctors, nurses. We also saw how riots exploded and protests against the new rules and restrictions. We saw strong leaders standing up as the admirable Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's prime minister. We saw others trying to create confusion. It's been a ride! And the holiday season will be very different this year. 

Magical moments

Writing this from a Western country, Christmas brings out that "certain feeling" in us. It's about family and treasuring what we have. It's about gratitude and cozy, warm moments—twinkling lights, and the secret hope that magic does exist.  

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift 2 quote

We turn to romantic or funny holiday movies- Home Alone- is forever our favorite in my house. And our expectations of the season are always high. Even when things aren't going all that well.  

For me, it usually is the season to cook and bake more than ever. But I'll admit: I am also one of those silly people that secretly believes in magic. Movies take me to magic land. Books do too. I tend to see the magic in the lights everywhere, the moments with friends and family, the stores, the's all around us! In my head, I make up stories. Before you regret investing time in this story ;-); I write stories. I have a secret longing to become a published author or scriptwriter one day. 

The guide with all the tips you ever need to buy that perfect jewelry gift!

But you came here for a guide about gifting the perfect jewelry for your loved one. I will use the word her/she as the pronoun, but I hope you'll understand: I mean he, she, and everything in between. Just see it as someone you care about, love, or want to show your appreciation.

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift couple

If it is for the holiday season or any other moment, I proudly present you:  

The Ultimate  and Definitive Guide to finding perfect jewelry gift

1.Start with the why

The title of a popular book and idea spread by author Simon Sinek. I think this quote doesn't merely apply to businesses.

Stop for a moment and yourself first: why? Why jewelry? Why for her? (him, they, them, ze, sie, hir…) Responding to this question takes you into understanding yourself, your motive, and the person a little better. It will help you in your quest to find the right jewelry (or watch) for your loved one. Trust me.  

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift

2.What she REALLY likes

If you know this, great! If you don't, then try to find out. You can opt to openly ask. Not a bad move. You can also be an amateur sleuth, and check out her Pinterest Boards, talk with her friends, children, and whoever may hold some answers to that question! In short: if you don't know, go for something classic, such as a pair of golden hoops. It's a safe bet. 

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift 1 man

3.The Wishlist

It would be so helpful to find a wishlist. If she hasn't one, why not propose to create one. Don't let her be the only one making it. Take advantage of the situation; create one yourself too.  

4.Describe the person in single words

This helps you think about who you are really buying for, a trick as much fun as it is useful!.

To help you think about the person you are buying for, this is a trick that is as much fun as it is useful: -describe the person in single words, only adjectives. An example? ... is warm, caring, crazy, fun, strict, nervous, patient, ill, inspiring, meticulous. She is a dreamer, a teacher, a caregiver, a go-getter, a leader, a mother, a daughter. Create a cloud with these words in it. Is that her? With this in mind, what is a gift that would suit her? Still don't know? Think practical: what does she like, own already, wear daily?  

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift man 2


Yes, that's right. Fish for secret wishes. Fish for what she really likes. Fish if there is a brand she adores. Fish, if she has a stone she loves, a symbol that means something to her. Fish if she has a special memory about jewelry. Fish, and you will find. ;-) 

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift woman 1

6.When in doubt, go for meaning

Symbolism. We loved amulets and coins throughout history, stones that gave us powers, protected us from harm. We still love good-luck charms today. There is nothing more significant than providing a jewel and telling the person the symbolism behind it. Followed, of course, by why you have chosen it, especially for her. 

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift window

7.don't overspend

So take it from someone who worked in jewelry for decades. Do NOT overspend. Yes, a precious gift is amazing, but don't spend money you don't have. Do not fall for the idea to pay in installments. Swipe away from sites that promote this heavily. Don't fall for it. Jewelry should be joy, never a worry!

If you are extremely wealthy, then yes, sure: Go Wild! There is a playground with the most amazing jewelry in the world at your fingers. It's a joy to be able to look at those creations and be able to afford them. 

But for most of you, create a budget. And stick to it. Gifting jewelry should never be about the financial value but about the emotional value. Even the value of symbolism of craftsmanship or supporting a local goldsmith, but just never about monetary value.  

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift bangle

8.Classic or hip?

Here is the thing, if you absolutely have no idea what she likes, stick to a classic: hoop earrings, a silver bangle, diamond studs, that kind of jewelry. If you spend a certain amount, you might like the idea that she will carry it throughout her life. Perhaps making it an heirloom piece! 

This is where all the tips mentioned in this article come together. If you have answers to the tips above, you'll probably have an idea of which direction to go. 

Don't let a salesperson seduce you into buying cool and hip jewelry, but that relates in no way to who your loved one is. ( I love cool, hip jewelry too, don't get me wrong ;)) 

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift rings

9.Gain inspiration

Most people are not involved in jewelry daily. Of course not. So to get a feeling with it, try to go through some magazines. Read blogs or flip through Instagram. Whatever your source for inspiration is, it's only by observing and looking that you'll gain inspiration. 

Why not visit a jewelry store or two? Observe and get inspired! 

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift two people

10. Be Practical

The least romantic tip. I know. But let's face it. We want nothing more than the person who receives the gift to be happy and wear it. 

So listen: a nurse, a cook, a lab worker can't wear rings during work. But a necklace may not be a problem. A vet, a soldier, and a teacher can't wear too much bling, but a simple classic pearl earring is always appropriate. If she owns many pieces and it 'just 'is meant to wear on special occasions or alternate with her other jewelry, great. There are no restrictions. But if you like her to wear it as often as possible? Then be practical. Mind you, that doesn't mean boring! Choose a different gemstone; go for satin gold, or engraved, hammered gold. Opt for a different chain than just the ordinary ones. You can still make it as special as you want!

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift woman gift

11. Online vs. Offline, which is the better choice?

During the pandemic, online purchasing has been booming. But to be honest, it was mostly booming for the well established big players in the market. Your local jeweler probably wasn't able to profit as much. 

Offline- brick and mortar stores offer a sensation for all your senses. You touch it, see it, connect with the salesperson, and get a feeling about the store and the jewelry. Online opens a world of "Once upon a time, in a faraway place." Jewelry that isn't available in your hometown becomes suddenly available at just a click away.  

You can choose a particular story of a company, a special designer, or values that are important to you. (Where is it made? Is it a fair trade, fair mined brand? What is the story behind the brand? How do these values match mine?) Check out for reviews online. Ask friends about their experiences. Ask questions to experts, bloggers, or put it on your Facebook page, if you aren't sure about a brand or online store. The choice is yours—no wrong or right.  

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12. The best moment to purchase

If it is for the holidays, then make sure you are on time. If something is handmade, it might be a month or more before the order is ready. A small workshop might take more time. A big brand may depend on the supply chain. November is a great month to start looking and ordering. December is fine too, but ordering a specific size might be an obstacle. Keep that in mind. Also: why not gift an empty box with the words; let's fill this together? Many significant pieces are bought right after the holidays by couples that come together! 

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift Snow

13. Oh oh, I didn't nail it! 

It happens. It hurts a little, doesn't it? But it happens. Make sure that you know the policies for returning a purchase. Custom made is harder than a classic earring. Do your homework. It's better to fail than not have tried at all. Everyone appreciates the thought and effort. I ran a jewelry store for 6 years. The days after Christmas were very busy. Gifts that needed to be changed and couples coming to buy jewelry together. Believe me, there is no shame and no worry. Stores KNOW this will happen. 

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift Box

14. Is a lab-grown diamond real? And a real diamond good?

Not that it should concern you, but within the jewelry industry, many hours are wasted by discussing lab-grown versus natural diamonds. The reason? Too many to discuss, but lab-grown diamonds are here and here to stay. The only thing that is truly harmful is that some jewelers and brands fraud. They sell lab-grown as natural diamonds. Why? Because the substance of a diamond is absolutely the same for both types of diamonds. But the way they came to live isn't. One is formed in a laboratory, and one is created by nature millions of years ago. The price of the lab-grown is significantly lower than natural diamonds.

On the other hand: natural diamonds are often sold, giving a false idea of investment. You'll never get the money you paid for the diamond and unless it's a very famous brand or extraordinary piece of jewelry. So skip that idea. 

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift glitter Rings

It depends on how you think about diamonds. There is nothing wrong with a lab-grown diamond. No one will see- if that's a worry ( only expensive testing equipment) or tell the difference.

My personal view? I am not that big on diamonds; I don't think they are more special than any other gemstone. If you ask me, think about your budget, your values, your loved one's wishes. That's it— again, no wrong or right, here. 

15.Last but not least: MAKE IT A MOMENT TO REMEMBER!

Jewelry is a tangible reflection of emotion. 

An emotion about a memory or a special moment you want to hold on to. A sentiment that you have for the person you are giving it to. Maybe this is the first time you can afford to give jewelry. That is amazing! And you will find that more than any other gift in the world, it touches people on a very deep emotional level. 

The gratitude shown is different. No one needs jewelry. But almost everyone loves to receive it. The more you used the tips aforementioned, the more you will nail it, my friend. 

An incredible feeling that I wish you to experience one day!

The ultimate guide to buying the perfect jewelry gift Mirror

Treasure the moment, from your own excitement about giving jewelry to her (him, them, etc.) to watching her unwrap your gift. When people put on jewelry and look into the mirror, there is a moment of magic. Perhaps you are lucky and see it happening: the moment she sees herself and connects with jewelry—your gift. I assure you, pure magic! Mind my words! 

Jewelry is the ultimate precious gift; it just is. 

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    Great content & amazing article for finding fashion jewelry gift! Thank you for sharing this post.


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