Trend 2015: Chanel Cruise 2015 jewelry and fashion collection

| Esther Ligthart | 2015

Today we take another fresh look at the beautiful Cruise collection of Chanel as presented in Dubai. Last wednesday we already dived into the collection wich is one of those collections I would want in my wardrobe tomorrow! 

Chanel Bizzita.2015 trends

Chanel Bizzita Cruise 2015


I love to wear my hair long, but can't imagine that we want to go back to all the high hair styles. It's a bit Barbarella, meets Arabian Princess in a Paris hotel. does look fantastic and maybe I just don't have the guts to wear it like that. 

Chanel Bizzita 2015 jewelry

Thing is that I am over 40 years old. Now, a perfect age for Chanel of course ;-)But it is not always easy to wear just anything anymore. If you wear your hair a little casually messy, like the lovely * straight out of bed* look, you simply look messy and basta. Whilst you might achieve the sexy image you have in your head, much much better when you are in your twenties, with hair like that...hahaha

Chanel Bizzita watches 2015 cruise

But Chanel inspires me very much. And I am definitely going through my own jewelry and clothes and see if I can give a new and fresh twist to how I wear it. 

Chanel bizzita jwellery Bizzita 2015 watch

Looking at the collection of jewelry of Chanel in this Cruise Collection of 2015 I could spot some trends that might take off in the coming years: statement bracelet. A pile of bracelets on both arms. More jewelry worn in hair. Lots of brooches. Classical features like feathers and suns and stars are coming back. There is no modesty but lots of glitter and glamour. Which is like a sort of reaction to all those years of crisis maybe. 

Chanel bizzita jewelry trends-2015


Did you notice too that the collection is very descent? I mean, they have chosen Dubai as the country and background for this collection premiere, but really: not much bear legs, no deep is all so stylish and grown up. I can imagine how women of all countries and all ages will embrace this kind of clothes. No worries about the lenghth of ones skirt, (too short for my age?) Can I wear this to an opening, party or stroll in the city? Phew yes.  I am certainly not alone in thinking about clothes in this way. As I grew older I started to invest in less clothes but as good as I can afford. It seems that the cheaper clothes from H&M just don't look great on me anymore! It's like it's screaming: I tried to be hip with less 

Chanel Bizzita Cruise 2015 1

Chanel Bizzita bags jewelry 2015

Chanel Bizzita jewelry bags 2015 trend


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