Trend: Cool animal jewelry to brighten up your summer wardrobe!

Spice up your summer outfits with these fantastic creatures. Nature and animal theme are huge trends in 2016 - 2017. And scarabs are especially hot this year!

SantAgostino necklaceBizzita



Sparkle with animals, one thing is sure: these pieces are conversation starters!

People are drawn to this kind of whimsical jewelry. Although not many dare to actually wear it in a casual way. Pity, because they really do look great on just jeans and t-shirt. In fact, it’s jewelry like this that can make the whole outfit look awesome and current. We have showed you many blogs with even many more animal jewelry pieces and well, to be honest, we still think you want to see more!


Trend 2016-2017!

Animal and nature are always a good theme in jewelry but this year they are hugely trendy. Scarabs have always been worn as an amulet, symbolizing the heavenly cycle of birth and rebirth and amulets and symbolic jewelry is one way to express our need to personalize our jewelry and express what we feel, think and wish for in live, through what we wear. Although it is considered a huge trend, we should not forget that jewelry has always, since the beginning of times, served not just as an adornment but especially it’s worn for symbolism, such as good fortune and protection, fertility and rebirth and so on.


Today, a blog that simply wants to astonish and inspire you. Not too many words, this time around. We’ll let the jewelry do all the talking! Personal note: today's pick are each and everyone brands and jewelry items that I personally love. And I tell you why, about each and every brand, if you scroll down.




                                   Bibi van der Velden, a Dutch designer, committed to use only fairtrade gold. Elephant in 18kt gold and silver. White diamonds, brown diamonds and polki diamonds. Blue sapphire. Price: 4500 €. Platypus in 18kt gold and silver too. Price 3488 €

 Bibi van der Velden Scarab jewelry in 18kt rose gold and silver, with real scarab wings, various colors of diamonds, pink sapphire, amethyst and tsavorites Prices from 6480€

 Michela Bruni Reichlin: Dubai Butterfly earrings, each piece is unique and the jade is handcarved. Various gemstones; diamonds, rubies, sapphires, topaz Price starts at 8.125€

                                                                     Wendy Hue Butterfly Earrings in 18kt rose gold, containing champagne diamonds, white diamonds, pink sapphires and yellow jade price: 15.700€ and necklace by Les Nereides, in gold plated brass and enamel. 276€

De Simone Fratelli, sculptured fish in coral, diamonds and 18kt gold. Price on request

Glenda López, cat bracelet in plated brass. Prices start around 270€
SantAgostino BraceletBizzita
Sant’ Agostino. Bracelet with multi colored carved gemstones with enameled details in 18kt gold and diamonds. ( Sant'Agostino was actually my neighbor, when I lived in Italy!)Price on request
VERNISSAGE JEWELLERY ART.19 lysergic mothsVernissage Jewellery Art Ilenia Corti bracelet 925pinksilverscarabgioielli Bizzita


Vernissage Bracelet with scarabs, made by the lovely Ilenia Corti. Prices start from 100€ up to a 10.000€ 
Animal jewelry Bizzita Matthew Campbell Laurenza Snakescarab Aurelie Biederman
M.L.C. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza Snake bracelet and scarab bag. Prices are from around 150 to 1500€ . Ring by Aurelie Biederman, price 6120€  
Animal Jewelry Bizzita TheoFennellUrso LuxurypensLion
Theo Fennell bracelet in 18kt gold and diamonds, look at that cute bee! Price: 18.000 €.  Urso Luxury Lion King pen in 18kt white solid gold and diamonds, handmade and limited edition: 52.000€ (prices start at 3000€ for the silver edition)


Here is WHY I love each of these brands: 

  • Bibi van der Velden is a unique designer that dares to go her own way, coming from a country like the Netherlands, where bold and bright in jewelry, isn't always appreciated, I find her designs extremely charming and love that she uses fairtrade gold. I encourage any brand to do so and endorse any company who does.
  • Michela Bruni Reichlin: daughter of the Italian Ambassador in China, she really mixed that love for certain gemstones, such as jade with her Italian roots. Italy meets China. The jewelry is beautiful, I love jade and I love the colors she uses.
  • Wendy Hue never fails to amaze me, with her endless minute detailed jewelry, containing so many crafts, so many different theme's and gemstones. I love how rich they look and yet, any animal, any flower or tree, is perfect. I am deeply impressed with her work.
  • Les Nérèides, this Parisian fashion jewelry is no stranger to fairytale jewelry. In fact, they did a whole bunch of them. I love how they create these, rather affordable pieces that are highly original. 
  • De Simone F.lli. I actually met them last January in person and they have a fascinating background. Coral jewelry can look perhaps a little dated somehow, but this company knows a thing or two about craftsmanship and fashion appeal. The jewelry is not cheap, this is serious jewelry, but if you love coral, and I very much do, then take a look at their website about what they make. Simply stunning!

Glenda López Jewelry cat


  • Glenda Lòpez, ahhh another example of wonderful expressive unique jewelry that doesn't cost that much. Perhaps to some it may still appear expensive, I know I value things with a different eye than people might do, that have no background knowledge about jewelry, but it is not expensive and highly original. all her jewelry is fantastic, but look at this example here above: if that isn't a conversation starter?!
  • Sant' Agostino, once my neighbors practically, is one of my favorite brands. I mean, look at all that is going on in this piece of jewelry. They have always produced similar products and have remained true to their roots and what they are so excellent in creating. This is what makes them unique, but also really experts in this kind of jewelry. It's not a simple bracelet to wear and I am sure that it is not below the 10.000€ either, which makes it an object for the happy few. I am nowhere near that happy few, but I have always loved and admired and even sold their jewelry, back in my Italian years!
  • Vernissage is led by Ilenia Corti and she is creative director of Sant' Agostino, fashion designer who created her own brand in silver with, of course, the high standards she grew up with, in jewelry. I think her jewelry is just so wonderful and prices go from 99-1000,- euro and above, but there you go, original, fashionable, completely on trend and unique jewelry.
  • Aurelie Biederman, is kind of cool. This little lady bug costs a staggering 6210€, which is rather expensive. It is not always easy to judge, but sometimes I have a feeling that some brands charge just a little too much for their jewelry. But she is a cool designer that is much loved all over the world.
  • M.L.C. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, another amazing cool brand, that I endorse, because they make fashion jewelry that is original, up to date, not looking at all cheap, yet at affordable prices. I have seen that they do a lot of product placement with stars, but also that some of the celebs are actually wearing his jewelry in their own time, which is perhaps even cooler. If you take a look at their website, make sure to look in The Jeweled Garden Lookbook. I personally would wear his jewelry and think that it's simply a great choice.
  • Theo Fennell is a phenomenon in his own right, with an impressive career and one of those names that will become highly collectable. This English designer needs almost no introduction and I am a devoted fan of his work, since the first day I saw it. 
  • Urso Luxury, I met them last year and fell in love with this small but oh so precious company. The owners are lovely, down to earth, humble yet ambitious people that really want to create unique handcrafted objects for writing, smoking cigards and all that uber cool male stuff. I work with them and think they deserve to become more known! Each piece is created by Master Goldsmiths and some of the techniques are so unique that only a handful of people in Italy and the world can actually make this. 





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  • Vincent


    • 12 October 2016 at 05:38
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    They are very nice! My wife and I love Les Nérèides very much. We knew about this brand when in our Honeymoon in Paris so this brand has special meaning to us.
    We love the fruitful designs and the use of vivid color which can help show your own personality :)


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