What Your Dream Engagement Ring Says About You

Whether you’re looking to be dripped in diamonds or have one rock sparkling on your hand – we have the perfect guide to help you find the engagement ring that best suits your style. 

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Three stone engagement ring-Brian Gavin Diamonds

From classic Solitaire styles to one-of-a-kind vintage Halo looks, Brian Gavin Diamonds has a variety of customizable engagement rings to keep you sparkling on your wedding day and decades after.

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Classy and Clean

A classic Solitaire ring is the perfect compliment to your love for everything classy and traditional. You tend to stick to tried-and-true classic styles and shapes that never go out of style. These Brian Gavin classics not only express your love of simplicity but also your keen eye for elegance!

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Photo received by Brian Gavin customer

Vintage and Lace

With a special vintage ring, you’re not afraid to break the mold and try something new. You’re willing to bring to life a previous era’s style and make it your own new novelty. Your ring – whether a one-of-a-kind rose gold setting or lace-adorned band – speaks to your originality and love for the past. These vintage-inspired rings from Brian Gavin Diamonds represent one of the best things about customized jewelry – it’s irreplaceable.

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Third one's a charm

With a three stone ring, you balance a love for both sparkle and simplicity! Your love for all things sparkly doesn’t have to compromise your love for all things classic. 

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Three stone engagement rings offer the perfect combination and balance of traditional and new age sparkle.

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Sparkle and Shine 

Whoever said you can’t have too much sparkle? Whether your ring is dripped in diamonds or studded with gemstones – you are certainly not shy about showing off your love for big sparkle. Your beloved ring expresses your affinity for all things fabulous and bright. These Halo styles from Brian Gavin Diamonds are a sure way to make the statement that a diamond is a girl’ s best friend.

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