Why is High-End jewelry important for virtually everyone?

I love those stunning pieces of high-end jewelry on your blog, but who can afford that? Just about everyone I talk to about my blog loves the jewelry but immediately admit they could never buy something similar. One could ask: is high-end jewelry relevant at all?
And I say yes. Here is why:

High-end jewelry and creativity

Yes, it’s true. The high-end jewelry you see on Bizzita.com, and that regularly turns up in my LinkedIn Posts, are for the ‘’happy few’’. According to the newspapers, the difference between the highest income groups and the rest is growing. At the same time, there are more and more millionaires around the world. 

For the luxury market, a growing number of people seek luxury and luxury experiences. 

High-end jewelry is just one of those luxury experiences. Designers and brands can experiment with gemstones, new materials, scale, and quality and throw in their magic, combining resources and vivid imagination to create that one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that makes your jaw drop. In a way, that simply isn’t possible with less money and resources. 

High-end jewelry pieces come in different categories. Masterpieces, such as the creations of Wallace Chan, Dreamlike fantasy jewelry such as the high-end jewelry from Alessio Boschi, Boucheron, and many others. High-end gemstones, the basis of classic high-end jewelry, and then throw the money in your face jewelry, lots of diamonds, bling, big, kitsch, which snobs may not regard as high-end jewelry but just costly jewelry. But they are missing a crucial point. 

Boucheron necklace with holographic Rock Crystal, white gold and diamonds 

Everyone loves high-end jewelry! Yes, but...

The weirdest thing happened to me. I joined several groups on Facebook, and some are based in Northern European countries specifically. I love to observe what they say about jewelry in general. Yet, when it comes to colorful, high-end jewelry, they use the word kitsch and ‘’too much’’. Even judging others for having no taste at all if they show enthusiasm. As someone from those more Northern countries in Europe, but with a background in Italy and a worldwide view of jewelry, it felt weird and inappropriate.

But there is one thing that even the most Calvinistic minimalists love: craftsmanship. And so, even if their judgment about taste can be harsh, they never ever fail to show their appreciation for the craftsmanship and stones. 

Boucheron Holographique collection, bracelet with 14.93 cushion pink tourmaline and holographic rock crystal, white gold, diamonds

High-end jewelry: BLING or CHIC?

But what makes jewelry beautiful or kitsch? The cliche is true: beauty is mainly in the eye of the beholder. Yet even I struggled a little with specific creations coming from US-based designers aiming at hip hop stars, rappers, and so on. Being exposed to the elegance of Italian and French jewelry and the recent rise of amazing Asian jewelry designers, it’s been a bit of a stretch to understand that loud, with way too many diamonds, sparkling BLING. 

Yet, I am in real life a very open-minded person. I try to see things in perspective and from many different angles. In jewelry, I noticed, I had become a little bit of a snob. Yet, what I forgot is to understand the cultural value of the jewelry. It might not always be perfect in our eyes, but it represents something important to people. They value it for status, showing or sharing success, as a fashion statement or personal statement, and this is what jewelry should do too! Damn it, it’s what I say on my homepage, jewelry becomes only valuable when emotions are added. I think the consumers of that kind of jewelry have a LOT of emotions attached to their jewelry! 

A detail of a bracelet by the master himself: Wallace Chan

High-end jewelry is not just for Royalty but definitely always for the rich

But returning to the topic: expensive jewelry doesn’t perhaps always high-end finished and created jewelry. 

The reason we still have high-end jewelry that’s not just for Royalty is that rich people have reason to buy them. Occasions to wear it to, perhaps even start off a collection of sorts. 

The most amazing yachts, the most incredible hotels, the most exclusive extraordinary services are created for people who seek the best of the best. It offers many craftsmen and companies the possibility and opportunity to come with new inventions, better, higher, more profound, lower, sleeker, faster, whatever it is. The innovations done in the high-end sector of any industry are often mind-blowing and...fun! 

Specializing in high-end perfect gemstones and classic jewelry: Picchiotti

What could high-end jewelry mean for you?

So what does that mean for you? The ‘’average income’’ consumer, or the slightly better off but nowhere near the high-end income consumer?

Well, what about:

  1. Does it stretch your idea of what jewelry looks like?
  2. Do you see what proportion, composition, design, and stones mean in jewelry?
  3. Do you feel that if the super-rich consumer thinks that wearing a crocodile necklace, you might choose easier for something more daring the next time you get to shop for jewelry?
  4. Do you see what jewelry does to a gown, to the face of a person, what light it brings, what dangling earrings do, what a big ring does, how to wear that ear cuff, and so on?
  5. You might not be able to afford a Rembrandt, but it’s the art in museums and the Rembrandts or Van Gogh’s of this world that will make you appreciate artists in general. 
  6. It opens your eyes to color! Many choose ‘’safe colors’’ or no colors at all just so they are sure they’ll love it for a lifetime long. But look at the most stunning pieces of jewelry, and you’ll understand what beauty and joy a splash of color can bring to you!


I would never ever dream of saying you should aspire to buy high-end jewelry if you simply can’t afford it or if it’s within reach but could put you into financial trouble. 

But allow yourself to dream a little. Allow yourself to observe those unique necklaces (did you see the one with the lights in it? LINK) and open your heart and mind more to those pieces of jewelry, perhaps created by a local designer, that are just different! Or try to go for the best gemstone you can afford if you have a fascination for gemstones. 


So high-end jewelry IS important!

High-end jewelry matters because it’s like watching what the most unique and beautiful craftsmen of the world are capable of doing! It delights us; it enchants us much like a Picasso, Mondriaan, or Monet can do. 

It’s what makes young people dream about a career in jewelry. And it’s what perhaps you can wear one day. 

Alessio Boschi Rose de France Necklace

And also;

I worked with brands and clients in the highest end of jewelry possible and loved it. The people, the client, push us to really listen to them and maybe go a step further in creating an experience, solving a problem. And most high-end brands are a delight to work with. They are on the top of the world in their playfield and have very little to prove. They usually are more informal and perhaps even relaxed to work with because of this. They know that they can trust their employees, the services, and their experience and competence. 

High-end jewelry, well, it just matters to all of us! Allow yourself to dream a little, smile, admire and dare to go a little bolder, colorful, or even buy a crocodile necklace the next time you enter a jewelry store!

 Anna Hu









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  • Sasha Smith

    Sasha Smith

    • 06 August 2021 at 02:33
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    An amazing blog, for any lover of stunning pieces of high-end jewelry. I would also like to know about bangles bracelets made in gold filled with authentic crystals.


  • Coco & Camille

    Coco & Camille

    • 12 August 2021 at 06:27
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    Nice post. Thank you for posting something like this.


  • Sarah Madany

    Sarah Madany

    • 14 September 2021 at 04:51
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    Wow! It's very beautiful, I love high jewelry now I'll buy these designs I love them.


  • Libyan Desert Glass

    Libyan Desert Glass

    • 29 October 2021 at 22:01
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    Something is new for me, I read it and gain a lot of information. Thanks……………..|


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