Will you get your children jewelry this Christmas? Get some inspiration here!

Did you ever see how small children, mostly girls, are attracted immediately to jewelry? Almost the first thing they do is touch jewelry. It might be the colors, or the sparkling. Or the fact that you can twist it and tear it (I have had my fair share of kids pulling an earring, ouch!!), whatever the reason: they love it. 

KidsJewelry Aaron Basha Bracelet

Aaron Basha

Your inner princess

When they grow a little older they relate it more to their female side, in the case of girls. Or their inner princess. I love to see how nowadays there is so much to play with. And how they can create their own jewelry too. If they get a little older, you can find easily beads and bracelets and let them create their own bracelets. The Loom trend of this year has shown us that it isn’t just fun for girls. Suddenly there were just as many boys creating fun bracelets and getting all creative. Wonderful!

Kids jewelry1

Heather Maertens bee pendant, doggie handpainted by Gabriela Rivalta, ladybug by Heather Maertens, little kitten handpainted by Gabriella Rivalta from Valenza Po, the cute sea theme bracelets are again by Heather Maertens,the cute little pink monster is by Courtesy of one of my favorite FB pages: Humans of New York, the golden bear is by Pomellato and the little girl holding flowers by Rivalta as is the angel. The bracelet with angels in by Roberto Gianotti

When I lived in Italy....

When I lived in Italy we had a jewelry store and we sold some children’s jewelry too. Most of it was rather traditional. Bracelets in gold in the tiny sizes…thin and with a small tag to engrave a name. We sold spille da balia, which were basically safety pins in gold, often with a small cute pendant. We had a huge collection of small pendants with ladybugs and bears and the usual things. Often beautiful. Although most of this type of jewelry is mass produced in Arezzo for example.

Kids jewelry teddybear ThependantchickEtsy.8

I love this cute little pendant. Just around 8 dollar on Etsy ( the Pendantchick)

Aaron Basha and the costly but heavenly shoes

At that time we still had Staurino who produced these cute little colored shoes. Although related to children, the pendants were very extremely well made, but terribly expensive. And that has not changed. Staurino went to make the pendants for Aaron Basha exclusively and now suddenly it was a brand and there was marketing and more famous people were spotted with the pendants…and that often results in higher prices. You can find the pendants and other items on their website. It is truly adorable….but more for mama than for kids ;-)

Kids jewelry2

Pink heart is by Links of London, the little girl wearing a lovely necklace is by Iceing on Top jewelry, a sustainable kind of jewelry using used materials. Worth taking a look!. All the beautiful and adorable kids in the picture are from the FB page of Humans of New York, check it out!. The silver bracelet with angel is by Diamonds Kids.co.uk.  Pendant is mentioned above and the Hello Kitty looks so cute! This is actually a very expensive version, just as an inspiration, but their are so many companies that have the license to produce Hello Kitty jewelry. You won't need to look for long! The dalmations on a bracelet are by the beautiful company from Tuscany: Ottaviani and the happy little yellow girl is by Links of London.

Funny story

Funny story: at the time we had the shop we had often clients from the south of Italy. They weren’t always interested in buying something cute for a child as a gift to a newborn baby. But what counted was *fare una bella figura*, which means something like: making a good impression. So they did not buy what they liked but their choice was based on weight. The heavier the chain, the more impressive the gift would be. If you choose a plain type of chain, it usually costs less per gram as the manufacturing cost is low. So you pay mostly for the gold itself. You might see it as instead of giving money they gave something that would be still worth something when the child grew up.

Kids jewelry3

This is the image from the front page. The happy yellow girls is by Links of London, the teddy bear and heart are by Aaron Basha as is the gorgeous pink one. The cute zebra is by Links of London and the money banks are by Asprey.

Jewelry for kids to pass on...

I have selected a few items for kids, just to give you some inspiration. The Christmas holiday season is upcoming and people start to look around for gifts. There is plenty of joyful things to be found at custom jewelry stores. And on Etsy too. How precious you like to get is up to you of course! Children do not see the difference! But beautiful things keep a value when they grow up. And might be passed on to the children of your children. And I love that thought!

Kids jewelry Aaron Basha necklace - kopie 2

Aaron Basha

A mother of a boy

I am a mother of little boy……I tried it once to put him a small necklace of leather with a shark tooth on his neck…and found it on the trampoline one day and tossed between his toys the next. He did not wear it for more than 5 minutes, hahaha. Looming did not interest him at all and well, there is no hope there for an interest in jewelry. We love to draw together, which is also fine by me ! ;-))

Kids jewelry Gabriela Rivalta - kopie

Gabriella Rivalta

Be in time if you consider buying some jewelry for your kids this Christmas!

Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration and if you do go for jewelry for your kids this season, then check your jeweler and show him what you like! He might be able to get something similar if you get there in time!

IMG 4346

Lots of love from us! 

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