WOW: interpretations of animals in jewelry and art!

Jewelry and art are both created by designers and artists. Their mind's eye, their creativity, and their skills make the most incredible works of art come to life! In this blog, you'll find a selection of arts and jewelry with an animal as their inspiration. I am sure; you will be in awe! 


Artists come in many different ways. Some discover their artistic abilities at an older age. Still, if given time and opportunity, many artists found their capacity of imagination and transformed that into some form of art in childhood.
Creativity comes and goes for many of us, but it's important to keep inspired for artists to seek actively for inspiration.

Nature is the gift that keeps on giving. It's diverse, colorful and you can observe through the lens of your choice. Birth, death, seasons, trees, animal life, circles of life, threats, or opportunities, it all is there and for each of us to observe and perhaps think something about it.
I once heard a jewelry designer sigh about nature being such an endless inspiration. ''Well'', he said, ''what do I say? That I was inspired by nature? Who isn't? What makes my leaf or butterfly unique?''

Alessio Boschi

What makes this butterfly ring unique?

I responded that his take on a butterfly is unique because it is his interpretation whether he chooses to emphasize certain traits or features of the animal or make it true to life.
It may resemble other creations, sure. But nature does charm us, overwhelm us, inspire us every time, yet the components and the elements are always the same. The trees, mountains, rivers, animals, and even us humans are what we are, yet the setting and the way we choose to look at it vary.

Your DNA and circumstances define how you look at nature and animals.

Take a beautiful tropical beach. You picture it in your mind's eye as perhaps your ''happy place'' or you can't help to feel something romantic. But this tropical beach isn't as magical if you are entirely alone, no one knows where you are, and a storm is arriving.
The components are the same in each case, yet the way we experience them is different.
Or take a bee. We may experience gratitude for the bee's purpose and work. We might also find them cute, and bumblebee is a word we lovingly refer to when talking to our children. It may also provoke fear of being stung or disgust because of the crawly unpredictable nature of the tiny creature.

Alessio Boschi fish brooches jewelry with baroque pearls

And there is another thing. Each person, each artist, has a unique perspective also because they are unique people. Their DNA, their youth, their circumstances, their friendships, what they read, eat and watch, their pain and losses, their lessons in life, and wisdom or insights gathered are all part of the mix. If you add this to their training, skills, and techniques learned, then it's evident that each of them can create something inspired by nature, like so many artists before him or she did, and yet create something stunning, unique, appealing, and beautiful.

Why are animals so important to us?

Whether it's a painting, sculpture, or jewel, the people who admire and buy this art also wear their ''glasses'' to observe life and beauty.
Nature is the gift that keeps on giving because we bonded with nature throughout the centuries and cultures. We used it, abused it, or worshiped it. And everything in between.
In this blog, I took animals as inspiration.
Why? Because animals are so important to us.

Boucheron Meisa the chickadee ring

Without horses, humankind wouldn't have explored and expanded territories, and we have had cats and dogs living next to us in a mutual beneficiary co-existence. We use animals to feed ourselves and their skins for our sofas and shoes. As a vegetarian, this isn't something I love much, but animals are essential for our whole existence. The bees, the birds, pollinate and spread seeds and pollen. Worms create fertile gardens, and nothing makes roses happier than horse manure ;-)
But turn on any David Attenborough documentary, and you can't help but be in complete awe of the incredible world of nature. Tip: if you have Netflix, watch that documentary that won the Academy Award; My Octopus Teacher.

Enjoy the work of artists and their view on the animal world

If you followed Bizzita for a while, you might have heard me more than once declaring a passionate love for the animal world. It's my happy corner, and it's the jewelry I am always attracted to most. If I am on a jewelry show, you bet that I will seek and find all those companies showing animal-themed jewelry first.
In another life, I might have studied anthrozoology perhaps—the relationship between animals and humans.

Enjoy the interpretations I selected to share with you in this blog of both artists and jewelry designers.
Jewelry designers are nothing less than incredible artists with excellent knowledge of technique, metals, gemstones, and composition. They have to express themselves on relatively tiny objects.
I can't tell you enough how much I admire them.


 Boucheron Meisa the Chickadee bracelet and ring. The tiny bird is captured beautifully, they managed to give it an endearing feature


 Boucheron hummingbird Hopi, a stunning high-end ring.

Inflatable art by Amanda Parer, the sheer size is impressive

Bunny Ring my Mimi So, the bunny is a carved stone. 

Bunny Ring by Zorab Atelier, colorful and playful design

Art deco look and feel for Van Cleef & Arpels dogs and bunnies, all part of an extensive collection of animal-themed jewelry by the famous Parisian heritage brand

White Sheppard dog handpainted on a Bovet watch

Irene Neuwirth's collection of customized designs, you can order your pet or horse and get it handpainted on a ring, brooch, pendant, etc.

Hair artist Nagi Noda. Another approach to art, animals, and expression.


Working in clay, representing our sometimes troubled and complicated relationship with animals: Beth Cavener

Impressive for its size and composition, celebrating the importance of horses in human's history: Claudia Fontes- The Horse Problem

A stunning flexible bracelet in gold and diamonds by Roberto Coin

Considered a lucky charm; the Scarab by Roberto Coin. A company synonymous for amazing jewelry and I especially always adored their animal creations

Created by a fly fisher from Maine, in silver: Terry Walsch. A hobby, a skill and it all comes together in these original creations 

Ladybugs also considered a bringer of fortune and luck, by Tiffany

Ronald Ong is a fantastic media art designer using Photoshop on Instagram

All these beautiful creatures are created by Misis, a stunning silver jewelry brand from Vicenza, Italy

Art is often used to create attention and awareness as did Sonny Boy with his endangered species skull series.


The jewelry above is all by Roberto Bravo. A mix of stones and enameling makes for a very beautiful vivid design

A butterfly, leaving out many elements and yet everyone sees immediately the butterfly, in gold and diamonds by Noa Fine Jewellery from London

Everyone knows the gummy bear! This one is not eatable but just as yummy looking in rose gold and amethyst: Gemmy Bear


Dreamboule created little worlds within a boule filled with liquid. Each one depicts a tiny story. 





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