WoW! This is Baroque Pearl Jewelry

Sometimes we just want to look at jewelry and say; WOW, now that is a stunning piece of jewelry! We have taken the always fashionable Baroque Pearl and give you something to dream about!

Baroque Pearls come in all shapes and sizes, but never oval or round shaped. People are drawn to it because it's playful and odd but in a good way. Something you would find in a Wunderkammer so to speak.

There are many faux baroque pearl jewelry pieces if your budget doesn't allow you to buy the real deal, but as this is such a beautiful creation of nature, and won't ever go out of fashion, it might be the piece of jewelry you want to invest in. 


Baroque Pearl Jewelry with the WOW Factor

We have brought you the yummiest pieces of jewelry to get you inspired! Not all the pieces are available, some are one of a kind and just to remind you, the artist and jewelry designers have to work around the pearl, so shapes are always different. Before you buy online, ask for more information about this. 

My favorite piece in this blog? Ohhh my...I am not looking at prices here, the Buccellati collection is definitely the most expensive one in this blog, but my eyes are on Mario Buzzanca's Ganesha. And what about you? 

BaroquePearlOrnella Ianuzzi

Ornella Ianuzzi

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Autore


BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Bibi Van Der Velden

Bibi van der Velden

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog BuzzancaHippo

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Buzzanca

Hippo and Ganesha by Mario Buzzanca






BaroquePearlJewelryBuccellatiEagle Blog

Rabbit, Panda, Eagle, Snake, and Monkey by Buccellati

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Vibe South Sea Pearl

Vibe South Sea Pearls

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Cartier


Baroque Pearl Jewelry Christies

By unknown artist, sold by Christies

Baroque ChickPearl French

By unknown artist, sold by Christies

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog SeamannShepps

Seaman Shepps

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Henry Dunay

Henry Dunay

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Jewellery Theatre kitten1

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Jewellery Theatre kitten2

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Jewellery Theatre Polar Bear

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Jewellery Theatre Snail

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Jewellery Theatre SnailFront

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Jewellery Theatre Teddy Bear

Kittens, Polar Bear, Teddy Bear, and snail ring are all by Jewellery Theatre

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Russel Trusso

Russel Trusso Earrings

BaroquePearlJewelryBlog Naomi Sarna

A wow factor piece of jewelry by Naomi Sarna



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