Yellow Gemstones Bring Sunshine Through Jewelry

Yellow is such a beautiful bright color. In fact: the most luminous of all. We are all attracted to its sunny and bright appearance. Yellow gold and yellow gemstones tend to give people that same ray of sunshine and happiness!

Giovanni Ferraris Ring


Giovanni Ferraris, Diamond and Yellow Sapphire Ring

Bunz RIng

Bunz Ring in Platinum containing a Citrine

Tete Tete Limited Dim Sum Ring

Tête à Tête Limited created these Dim Sum Rings with Lemon Quarz & Citrine in Gold Plated Silver and Handknotted Green Jade Silk


I can't wear it, but I do love it: yellow!
Well, I can wear it but only in jewelry, yellow clothes -and I have tried!- look terrible on me. But yellow gold and yellow gemstones match my personality completely. And who doesn't love a touch of yellow? It is equivalant to happiness and optimism. And to lemons tard and canaries.
It reminds us of spring and sunshine. And of Spongebob, but I try to erase that out of my mind ;-)

Anastazio Ring

Anastazio Ring with Rutilated Quarz

Faberge eggpendantYellow

Fabergé is most known for its Famous Eggs. They have cleverly used that image to create a very wide range of wonderful jewelry egg-shaped pendants. This is the Palais Gatchina Peach Pendant

Ole Lynggaard Ring

Ole Lynggaard, One of the Scandinavian Brands that really Captured my Attention.

A yellow personality

I have participated for a couple of years in JCI, Junior Chamber International. A wonderful club of under 40 entrepreneurial people that long to network, be even more so: to get inspired by each other, learn from their group and peers all over the world. In the Netherlands, everyone in this club knew about Insights Discovery. A system, influenced by Karl Jung, that describes how you perceive work and relationships defining your character and preferences with a color.
If you like to know more, because it is actually much more than that, you can find that here: Insights


Yael DesignsRing

Yael Designs with Yellow and White Diamonds


Vianna Brasil Ring with Lemon Quarz and Diamonds



 Jewelry Ring with Asscher Princess Cut Yellow Sapphire


Yellow Inspiration

Although I haven't done it actually, my peers and friends have no problem telling me that I am as yellow as a canary. Which means: strongly extroverted ( I tend to see myself as the ultimate ambivert, but ok) radiant and friendly. They approach, I quote: others with persuasive, democratic manners and radiate a desire for sociability. They are: sociable, dynamic, demonstrative, enthusiastic and -again- persuasive people. Also called : Inspirers. Now I like that and it explains a lot to me and about what I do as a blogger! As all the good things come with opposites. Insights also warns you that everyone, under stress, will react as the opposite of what they normally are. I am not going to reveal here what that means for my personality, haha, but it is a great way to get some insight into one self.

Palmiero Ring Diamonds and Sapphires

Palmiero Design, Amazing Fluid Design

Mattioli ring

Mattioli from Turin, Italy The ONE ring

 ModCloth Ring

 Mod Cloth Pencil Ring. A Cute little Thing! (retails at 26 dollars)

Yellow Gemstones

Back to jewelry! Yellow gemstones come in a variety of colors, from amber colored stones, to opaque, milky Jadeite. From Zircon at a affordable price to the pricier yellow diamonds, giving the sparkle we all love so much. Yellow gemstones are beautiful and there is a lot to discover, whether you like the stone to actually mean something, or seeking the perfect color to match your desire.

LYdia CourteilleNecklaceOpalsyellow

One of a Kind Jewelry by Lydia Courteille. This Necklace is in Yellow Gold, Sapphires, Green Garnet and Fire Opals

Mousson Atelier Ring Riviera

Mousson Atelier *Rivièra Ring* in white gold, citrines and sapphires

Piaget Ring Limelight Cocktail Ring


Piaget Ring called  the Limelight Cocktail Ring -18-carat Yellow Gold Ring set with Diamonds, Carved Peridot and an Oval Yellow Quartz, 4 Round Emeralds and 2 Red Rubellite Beads 


These are the most common yellow gemstones in jewelry:

*Yellow diamond
*Smoky quartz

Thistle and Bee Etoiles Collection Earring

Thistle & Bee Etoile Collection Citrine and Silver Earrings


Roberto Coin Bracelet

Roberto Coin Bracelet with Orange Sapphires, Citrines and Diamonds



Cullinan Yellow Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

This is what a 110 Carat Ring looks like. This is the Assher Cut Cullinan Diamond. The diamond was brought to be part of the English Crown Jewels in 1907 from South Africa


Whether it matches your personality or you just love a reminder of sunshine and happiness, any excuse is just great to get a hold of a yellow piece of jewelry next time!


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  • Chuck


    • 16 April 2016 at 15:18
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    Very professional presentation .... Thank you !!!


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 16 April 2016 at 16:45
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      Thank you, Chuck :-)


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