Carrera Y Carrera jewelry playing the leading role at the red carpet

By Esther Ligthart on Saturday, 04 April 2015, in Brands

Carrera y Carrera has made it big in the world of jewelry. It’s very own unique style is loved in many countries. Although it is a taste of jewelry that I love, I know also that many women in my country and the ones that surround me, are not so fond of this very warm, bold and ultra-feminine style. 

Today a few pieces just to highlight the beauty of the Carrera Y Carrera jewelry. See how beautiful it is worn like it should. On its own…just the one piece, so it can really stand out and get noticed. It completes the whole outfit of the beautiful Bellamy Young and Teyonah Parris. Here both showing it happily at the creative art Emmy’s last year.

CarreraYCarrera jewelry ring tiger Bellamy Young

Bellamy Young wearing the stunning tiger head ring by Carrera Y Carrera


Carrera Y Carrera ring

Close up of the stunning tiger ring from Carrera Y Carrera. From the Bestiario Collection (cost around 8.000 dollar)


Carrera y Carrera Ring tiger head ring Bellamy Young


Carrera Y Carrera Teyonah Parris ring pink Gem jewelry

A radiant Tenoyah Parris wearing a gorgeous pink gemston mounted on 18kt gold and diamonds on the sides

CarreraYCarrera ring jewelry celebrity

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