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I design for jewelry production by using digital technology, blended with experienced craftsmanship to who needs the entire production done. But it doesn't finish here: my knowhow also provides cool graphics, exact quotations, made to order and happy customers who will love the way your brand gets their personality. I work across Europe mainly Netherlands and Italy.  The following images will give you an idea of what we achieve working together. They are drafts, the final models are on the market right now.  Thenk you for reading


About me

Since I was 21 years old, the passion for complex shapes and the fragility of wax as material totally inebriated me. At this stage I rented the first room which became a laboratory where handmade candles were produced. Very soon a few goldsmiths discovered this passion, and everything started.

In 2010, when I discovered 3D manufacturing, the work became 100% digital. Now, digital sculpting, additive manufacturing and good experience in jewelry, allow incredible models to become real, pretty quickly I must say. Classic and unconventional shapes are just a matter of ideas and focus on design.

Wax is constantly reminding us how fragile, but beautiful, life is, as we are able to appreciate it every time we handle a new model! Since 2010 I work as a freelancer in cooperation with companies in IT and fine jewelry production, like - and YOU! Designing with metal and stones is just as fun as it sounds, let's get in touch!

Thank you for reading.


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