Highlights of the 2016 collections of Fabergé, Dior, Damiani and deGrisogono

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Before diving into the latest trends for the upcoming season, I wanted to take a little glance with you, to some of the extraordinary highlights of these 4 brands: Damiani, Dior, deGrisogono and Fabergé. 

Archi Dior Ring pendant model


Sometimes I am still feeling a little overwhelmed. Even if my eyes, after all these years, are used to grasp the essence of entire collections, I can still feel deeply touched by the effort, the thought, the creative geniuses and even the smart marketing efforts of companies. 


Faberge flirt watch

Watches by FABERGÉ

I like to gasp at a masterpiece, but I enjoy also the ideas and efforts such as shown by Fabergé, with this collection of very clean looking design watches in daring colors. These watches aren't for the young and hip, but for the hip and wealthy. With their hashtag #Fabgergeflirt, they do dive into the whole world of fashion conscious and aspirational clients, that love to be associated with the sound name of the well established and incredible famous Fabergé. The watches have a Vaucher Manufacture movement. Ps. I love that orange one!



fiocco white gold ring

fiocco masterpiece necklace





Damiani, not shy of media nor the use of celebrities, has launched the Fiocco collection. Chosing the Italian actress Nicoletta Romanov for the campaign of the collection, flirting with her past as a descendant of the Russian Imperial family. The bow is a very traditional theme in jewelry and here it is used as an icon. I am not the biggest lover of bows, but I do think the jewelry looks incredibly pretty. 

Dior Jewelry ArchiDior Bar en corolle ring




Dior, ah Dior! The 'Archi Dior Bar en Corolle' collection features items that are very wearable during any occassion and some extraordinary splendid pieces that show the magnitude of the brand. The jewelry has a beautiful flow and somehow it already feels very classic too. 

Archi Dior Bar en Corolle Ring Bizzita

The Bracelet is, of course, a piece of ultra high end jewelry, with diamonds and pink sapphires demantoid garnets, purple sapphires and tsavorite garnets and pink & orange spinels.

Love Dior? Here is more! 

Dior Archi Dior Bar Corolle



DeGrisogono is known for its starstudded parties and jetset lifestyle image. Although I love that about them, after all, we need brands that make us dream a bit about the life we don't have ;-),  I know that behind the scenes, there is a lot of hard work done.


De Grisogono Necklace


Running a brand like this is incredibly difficult. The risks are high, the efforts are enormous and one can never rest on one's laurels. The celebrating of Fawaz Gruosi birthday, the charismatic owner of the brand, was the occasion also to launch some incredible jewelry. The necklace is a piece of art, in terms of craftmanship, the ring and the earrings are showing gemstones that are out of this world. Never dissappointing me or the public, graving always for more enchanting jewelry from this great brand.


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De Grisogono Ring Ruby diamond

De Grisogono Earring emerald bizzita



De Grisogono Ring Ruby diamond






I hope you remained as amazed and echanted as I did, looking at all this beauty. For your joy and for the Pinterest lovers amongst you, please do check out Bizzita on Pinterest. Happy to share everything I find there with you!






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