Mario Buzzanca, amazing and fascinating jewelry that you simply must see!

Mario Buzzanca is the son of a very famous Italian actor. He grew up between the glitz and glam of that world which influenced him very much in his career. Today, he is known for his incredible jewelry. Most of them containing his beloved South Sea Pearls.


Mario Buzzanca1


My own start in jewelry

When I started to work in jewelry, there was not much that I knew about the culture around jewelry. Ok, so it wasn’t yet the explosion of marketing products that we have seen growing so rapidly over the past decades, since the fashion brands entered the jewelry stores.The only names that I was really familiar with were the really big ones like Cartier f.e. I find that amusing today, but one has to start somewhere and usually that is at the very bottom :-)



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Now more than two decades later, I have seen so much jewelry, been in so many workshops, ateliers, offices, jewelry stores and trade fairs. You would say that I have pretty much seen it all. But this is absolutely not true. It was only when I became a blogger that I opened my eyes even more towards jewelry. That I have started to look much further than the companies on the Italian trade fairs and that took my eyes all over the world and discover brands that are so beautiful, designers that are unique and fascinating and so many stories to tell, that it is really never very hard to think about new topics for Bizzita!



Mario Buzzanca4



Mario Buzzanca, one of the companies that I *discovered*

One of those companies that I *discovered* whilst digging deeper into the world wide world of jewelry is Mario Buzzanca. Yes, if you have been an eager reader of this blog, you know by now that I am a fond lover of animal jewelry. And yes, this is what caught my eye first. But then, when you look a little closer, you discover, like me, that Mario Buzzanza creates incredible unique pieces. They are, in fact, so unique that they are all *pezzi unici* or better: just one piece per design. Reason for that is that the South Sea pearls, that he fell in love with many years ago, he uses are all unique pieces, it is not really possible to create the same piece of jewelry again.


Mario Buzzanca5

This makes his jewelry, very interesting and very exclusive. I must admit that I do understand his artistic point of view and I even get it from a business point of view, but I secretly regret that there isn’t a broader collection available. Because the animals he creates are so lovely that I personally would love to see many more people enjoying his designs.


Mario Buzzanca6

Mario Buzzanca7


Interview with Mario Buzzanca:

1. Esther: What was your dream when you started the company

Mario: ''Our initial dream, was to give a different soul to the pearls: to make them more fashionable, more part of your own look, your own elegance, make them look more trendy. And, if I can say it, to continue the Chanel inspiration.''

2.Esther: How would you describe your wonderful jewelry? Where do you get the inspiration.

Mario:''The inspiration, is within the pearl itself. The design happens because of the pearl shape; there is no design before. The pearl has to be part of our body, part of our make up, our clothes, perfumes, shoes.''

3. Esther: Do you still have dreams with the brand?

Mario: ''The dream, is to reach those who understand the passion behind every piece we create; our ambition lays with those who want to be different and extravagant at the same time, like the jewelry we produce.''

4. Esther: What is the price range, more or less, of your jewelry.

Mario: "Price range is 2500 US$ up.''

5. Esther: What would you like people to know about the their a detail, or something you do in charity...or something special that only too few people really know?

Mario: "I begun my career more than 35 years ago in Antwerp as a diamond expert. Well, even today, all the diamonds in our jewelry, are assorted by myself. I personally search for those stones that make each piece sparkle, blink. I do not believe there are many people doing that.''


Mario comes from an Italian celebrity family

Mario Buzzanca is son of a very famous Italian actor: Lando Buzzanca. His brother Massimiliano has become an actor like his father, but Mario has chosen to go to Antwerp and Tokyo and many other cities around the world to become involved in the world of jewelry. It was in Tokyo that he fell in love with South Sea pearls

Mario Buzzanca8

He later met his lovely wife Charlotte and they live happily in Bangkok since 1987. Mario has been surrounded by the glitz and glam of the movie world and the famous and wealthy, because of his father. This has been a great impact on his career.


Mario Buzzanca9


Heirloom pieces? Yes! oh no...

I did read somewhere that his pieces are also a fashion statement, but I would firmly disagree with that :-)  

Yes, sometimes animal themes are in fashion, yes...sometimes pearls are very much in fashion, but both the theme and the material, have never been *out of fashion* Both go much further than fashion will ever go. However much fun fashion is, it is also very limited to time and taste. And the jewelry of Mario Buzzanca shows incredible taste and has no limit whatsoever. Or it must be our ability to be able to purchase it! :-)

Mario Buzzanca11


The art, the beauty

These are heirloom pieces, these are pieces of high end jewelry design, pieces that show the true spirit of the imagination of the designer. Pieces that would never come to life, without immense craftsmanship and not less importantly: a clientele who appreciates this kind of amazing, original and one of a kind pieces of jewelry and is able to afford it. 

I wanted to share with you today Mario Buzzanca, because to me; this is art and this is true beauty. One of values of life is beauty and beauty can be found in so many things. You won’t need to possess it in order to love it, admire it, enjoy it or even desire it!

It made me sigh with joy, going through all the photo material! I hope you will love it just as much!



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    Is it possible to buy the penguin pendant


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