Candy Crush meets fashion

Candy Crush has been downloaded more than 500 million times, according to Businessweek in February this year. It is the most played game ever. And now Candy Crush met up with fashion forward Zara Terez.


Candy Crush leggings by Zara Terez.

Addictive nature

I must admit; I did play it and I deleted it after one week exactly.  Way too addictive and I remembered that years ago I found myself getting up in the middle of the night because I had to harvest my crop on Farmville and I really had it all the time in the back of my mind. No thank you…I am not looking to repeat that ever again!

CandyCrushjewelry fashion 1

Candy Crush jewelry in wool, more Candy Crush found on Ebay and of course the company that never had a problem with fun: Swatch

Candy Crush leggings and skirts

This new line of leggings and skirts is of course, completely on trend.  And so, with the ever rising numbers of people actually playing the game and the big fashion trend of Let’s have fun and the Candy gives a Sugar rush, there couldn’t have been a better time to launch this collection.

CandyCrush jewelry fahion 2

More candy from Chanel and Swatch

Game time, play time

I definitely love the trend, but would apply it in smaller doses then Zara Terez does… hehehe. This trend does look a lot better on the young and very young girls. But don’t be afraid ever to play with the theme. Even with just a little pendant or bag maybe.

Candy Crush jewelry fashion legging Zara 3

Rochas jewelry and Solange Azagury-Partridge, Jeremy Scott and the Candy Crush leggins by Zara Terez

I wouldn’t wear this but I do love to explain why I l adore it anyway; it is all about fun. And I like it when people, especially in jewelry and in fashion show their humor. Don’t take themselves so seriously. They should take their business of course, very seriously, but that should not prevent them from showing they have a sense of humor. That they enjoy, almost like a child again, what they do. And radiate that to us…as an inspiration.That’s what this trend tells me and why I find it so delightful: allow yourself to be a child and play. Nothing to do with being childish, nothing to do with immaturity, but with pure joy and letting yourself go a little. Who doesn’t long for that!?


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