3 social media tips to start with, creating more success immediately for your jewelry store!

I get to talk to a lot of people and when I say I am a blogger, their eyes go slightly blurry most of the  time :-) When they do ask me more, I try to explain a bit better what blogging means. The next question is always the same: how do you make money with that?


No pay?

A good question, which I can immediately answer: ‘’ I don’t”. Now they are intrigued because I don’t look insane, but my answer is insane, of course! All that effort and …NO PAY? ( there are many reasons to blog, but this post isn’t about that, you can always connect with me and I will answer all questions)



The same answer could be given to the question: ‘’ how do I make money with social media for my jewelry store’’.  When I explain that you probably won’t be able to measure the effect with money, people kind of give me that same look (are you insane?).  But really, I am not kidding; you should get involved with social media. Yes, I know most of you don’t like it. Rather sell to customers in the store. Prefer to pay attention to real life, instead of virtual life, blablabla. I have heard it all before, really!  But think of it like this:  Social media gives you almost for free all the publicity you ever wanted!


No costs! Free publicity!

The costs? None, just some investment of time and energy. I agree that if you run a small store, you can’t answer every question placed on Twitter or Facebook immediately (but how wonderful would it be if your clients had a lot of great questions!)


Connect with others, this is what it is all about

Social media gives you a direct connection out of the store with your customers! Think about that. There was never before a possibility that, let's face it, does not cost that much, that allows you and your business to promote, interact and communicate with your clients, like there is today. Think and investigate where the majority of your clients are? And which platform you like the most! It strongly depends on your location in the world and your business. Local businesses that serve a mainly local clientele, will benefit mostly from interacting on Facebook probably. Instagram can be a fun way too, just look at all those fashion bloggers and show your collection too by wearing it and making a short video or photo of it. Snapchat is big in the U.S. and Pinterest is a very beloved platform too. 

Read this too: Why Brands Should Focus More on the Golden Age Clientele!

Invest some time in navigating and reading about the benefits of each platform. How can you use it for smart marketing for your company?


So here they are:

Three secrets to start Social Media for more success in your jewelry store:

  1. Choose someone within the company that you trust, that likes social media and has a creative mind. Let him or her take charge and agree on the amount of time to invest.
  2. Pick three social media platforms that you think your customers will like most. Don’t do more; it will be too much to handle for most shops. I would always pick Facebook. Then you might like Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and so forth.
  3. Update your social media on fixed times. So people know after a while when to expect news from you.


Ok, I did this, now what? 5 more tips! 

  1. Now let everybody know you are on Social Media! Ask you customers to connect with you in a proactive way, when they are at your store. You might say that every month the store picks out one of the new ‘’Likes’’, they will receive a gift card. This way your customer is more willingly to like your page! Keep always in mind that when you are online, you are communicating and everything you say or do, is seen by a larger group of clients.
  2. Think about language, think about tone of voice and always respond to comments placed on your platform.
  3. Interact. People like to see companies that interact. It says more about you than all your posts together! Be kind, be easy to connect with, be gentle and be gracious and as normal as possible please! Keep in mind that people like content with pictures. This is why maybe a photo platform like Pinterest, Google + or Instagram may work wonderfully for you.
  4. If you feel confident enough, place video’s online. It can be about a new line, it can also be: how to clean freshly pierced ears. Or things like that. You might even like to place a video about piercing someone’s ears.
  5. Be relevant. Try to give something of value. Don't just promote! There are many statistics around, but make sure that more than 50% of what you do, does not directly promote you or your business. Place tips and tricks. Repost things of other people and pages that you think your audience might like! 

Meet and greet, keep in mind that you are all real people. Why not organize something special in real life with all the people that liked you on social media?


Would you like to connect with me on Social Media or would you like to contact me with a specific question about this topic? Please feel free to do so! 


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