Australian sapphires are the perfect ‘Gen Z gemstone, thanks to their lively colors and reasonable prices

The increasing attraction of Australian sapphires is a fact. Younger generations love this gemstone in particular for a variety of reasons. Self-expression, personalization, and affordability are just a few of those reasons. Let's explore more!

Many people from the GenZ and Millennials generation live a social media-centric lifestyle. As a result, they are more consciously showing their memorable moments in life online. As a result, they, for a large part, perceive jewelry and gemstones differently than past generations.  

Jewelry retailers are taking note. 

Gemstones, in particular, are combined not just as a fashion statement but to accompany a changing mood. They seek new colors that stoke their aspirations and have been very fond of Australian sapphires. Indeed a good choice, the mysterious colors of this gemstone category excite everyone across the value chain.

MVEye Survey reveals: Women prefer Australian sapphires to other stones.

Exploring the market appetite for Australian sapphires, FURA Gems had conducted a marketing survey in Texas with MVEye. The study comprised participants both from the jewelry trade and consumers. The findings convey that 46% of consumers liked sapphires the most, followed by rubies and emeralds (41 percent) and amethyst (35 percent). Strengthening the popularity of sapphires was another startling revelation regarding its color. Consumers loved the darkest shade of the blue sapphire the most, followed by the medium and lighter shades.

Especially the market in the United States is growing extremely fond of Australian sapphires now. Researches indicate an inclination of millennial American women towards the personalization of jewelry. Gemstones are perfect for that.

Australian sapphires have also become a rage back in their homeland since 2018. There has been a rush in demand for Australian sapphires from millennials and Gen Z customers, claims Amelia Chafer, marketing manager of Coolamon Sapphires, Australia (to Jeweller Magazine). Their fondness for adventure relates to Australian sapphires' extravagance, making them go for the stone for their engagement rings, as rightly pointed out by Simon West, another reputed jeweler from Melbourne.

Why does Gen Z fall for Australian sapphires?      

Australian sapphires identify themselves because of their rich, dark color. However, there are specific obvious reasons why Gen Z feels so attracted to this gemstone. 

First of all: Australian sapphire's pricing is far more accessible than a diamond of the same carat. A price-conscious millennial would almost always pick an Australian sapphire for its fair pricing and intense beauty.

No wonder that this gemstone is guaranteeing a faster customer conversion rate for progressive retail brands.

The refreshing variety of colors coming straight out of the mines of Australia satisfy the market's urges just right. 

The visual brilliance of the parti sapphire colors simultaneously exudes blue, green, and yellow hues. 

Young people today are very conscious when it comes to the responsible sourcing of gemstones. However, they will understand almost immediately that they are being fooled, so provenance is one of the most important factors besides appearance and price to pick their favorite gemstone.

Forming a steady market for Australian sapphires

Australian sapphires mining industry dominated the global sapphire production for decades. However, after oversupply killed the sapphire demand, there were no efforts to streamline Australian mining operations to revamp the gemstone's global market position truly.

The aspirational urges of the middle class started inclining towards gemstone jewelry.

As couples sought affordable alternatives to diamonds in the jewelry market, the dormant reserve of Australian sapphires became the best place for FURA Gems to start a category.

It led the mining brand to explore the historic mines of Capricorn Sapphire and Great Northern Mining in Australia. Right after acquisition, the FURA team compiled geological data of one of those mines to give an estimated sapphire reserve to last over three decades from now.

FURA Gems is the first country to ensure Australian sapphires' supply across all sizes and price points. Helping jewelers surpass design and product goals with a steady supply of Australian sapphires, the mining brand will hit 10 million carats of Australian sapphires in the next three years.

Guaranteeing ethical sourcing of the priceless Australian sapphires, FURA Gems is striving for a chain of custody program for total transparency, a first-ever for a color gemstone category. This will allow every stakeholder, including consumers, to trace every gemstone source and rest assured with a mine of origin certificate that guarantees the stone a unique Australian sapphire.  

Thankfully, Australian mining culture aligns with FURA's mission of becoming a pro-transparency gemstone mining brand. 

Local laws have always prioritized eco-consciousness and harmless mining procedures to yield. This attitude favors the future of Australian sapphires and the environment in equal measure. Ticking all those boxes, FURA Gems is upbeat about making the fabulous colors of Australian sapphires grace the global market soon.





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