Finding your voice on TikTok as a jeweler, the forbidden Gatorade viral success

Going viral with a jewelry item on social media isn’t easy. But you may accidentally find your angle and go viral on TikTok. A fun example: The Forbidden Gatorade viral videos

The product used by Anwar Al-Sanabani is called ‘’Forbidden Gatorade”. A name that is brilliant in the way it sticks in people’s minds. Even if you never thought about watching a video about cleaning jewelry, you probably heard about Gatorade. 

Paradoxes trigger curiosity

The fact that it doesn’t make sense - Cleaning jewelry and using Gatorade- triggers people’s curiosity. 

Then, the jewelry cleaner is aware of people’s need for immediate satisfaction. You can only hold on to their attention for so long, so the videos are played super fast, and the effects before and after are indeed very satisfying.  

Of course, no Gatorade is used in the cleaning process of the jewelry. It’s the color that reminds everyone of the popular energy drink. But there is the brilliance of the simplicity of content and message. 

And this is the reason I urge you to take a look. Finding a voice on social media is tricky. Brands and retailers overthink it. They want to cover all aspects and want to throw a complete package of how consumers should feel about their jewelry. 

How to find your voice on social media

Look at how we consume social media. We use it for short moments of escapism. Things that make us go, Oh and Ah. 

Take one such aspect of your brand or your store and amplify that. Easier said than done? Sure! 

Different platforms ask you to wear different hats. You and your brand don’t need to lose your identity, I would argue: be very mindful of your identity at all times. But flexible in how to use it when voicing your messages to consumers. 

For a little inspiration and let’s face it: immediate gratification check out Anwar Al-Sanabani’s videos on TikTok: 


Disclaimer: This is not the perfect way to clean jewelry. It’s a quick fix and only part of a process but often used with similar liquids by stores and jewelry makers to clean worn jewelry from everyday dirt and grease. Always ask for a professional opinion about cleaning your jewelry at your trusted jewelry store. 






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