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Osmium, I confess, I never heard about osmium before. But in June 2018, Scarlett Clauss -Director of Public Relations and International Business Development of the Osmium Institute- called me and asked for a meeting. Ingo Wolf, the director of the company, wanted to tell me more about the last precious metal on the periodic scale and the rarest of them all. When he mentioned that Hublot, the famous watch brand, had used it for several years, I was intrigued!


The reason I never heard about Osmium is simple, it hasn’t been used in jewelry, or at least not at in such ways that it’s a known resource in the jewelry production process. A famous brand that used Osmium in the past years is Hublot, for a limited amount of watches. That triggered my attention. The reason why Ingo Wolf contacted me in the first place was to inform me. With the intent to spread the word about osmium. The more I heard about the product, the more I got intrigued!

Osmium Information

Osmium in its pure, raw form is highly toxic and not very interesting nor beautiful. But a special treatment has been developed and now it’s available, for both jewelry manufacturers and investors, in a crystallized form. Here is what you need to know:

  • Osmium is called "the last of the eight precious metals" because it concludes the series of precious metals.
  • It is the last of the precious metals to make it to the market
  • It’s the densest, rarest and according to Ingo Wolf,  director of the Osmium-Institut (zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH) the most beautiful of all.


Over the past decades, more and more precious metals that have come into the focus of gold and silver investors. You most certainly know platinum, palladium or rhodium. In 2017, ruthenium also proved itself on the market, showing an incredible price rally.

Osmium is a very rare and very expensive metal

Osmium is also very expensive. More than 800 Euro per gram is needed to buy osmium as a capital investment. However, it promises much higher yields because there are only 9 cubic meters of osmium in the entire earth's crust. Only 28 grams of osmium are found in 10,000 tons of platinum ore during mining. And 10,000 tons of platinum ore is equivalent to 250 truckloads.    


Osmium = investing money for the long run

However, the osmium market, on the other hand, is still quite narrow. That means it's not for speculators. The smart investor simply leaves it lying around for 15 years and gives it to his children. Osmium does not have the nickname without reason, the " next generation metal."  In the short term, osmium is not so easy to sell again, because the secondary market is just being built up. It's the jewelry industry. In it, osmium is used more and more. However, despite the rapidly growing demand, it has not yet been introduced in all jewelry stores. The particularly creative heads of the scene, however, already want to shine with the "new" metal and its special properties. The first creations are all something very special and stand out clearly from the market. In the coming months and years, these pieces will appear on the market and at jewelry fairs.


Osmium on the stock exchange?

At the same time, efforts are being made to ensure that osmium can also be traded on exchanges via international trading platforms. However, it will certainly be years before this goal is achieved. If such stock exchanges are created, it makes sense to register your own goods for sale.


This is already being fully understood, especially in markets such as China and India. One can assume that the osmium market will be "liquid" in a few years.

Osmium Institutes

If you would like to find out more about osmium, the best place to do so is at one of the Osmium-Institutes worldwide. The scientists there not only willingly provide information but are also the guardians of the internationally represented database with the Osmium Identification Code (OIC). This is because every piece of the unfalsifiable metal with its crystal structure and certificate is deposited here. This database is important for the private owner if he wants to resell osmium certified or if he wants to cross a border with osmium.


Osmium might be the next big thing for investors

According to Ingo Wolf, Osmium might just be the big next thing in precious metals to invest in. He says that investors are already exchanging their silver and gold for osmium. Simply because it might be that something spectacular will happen. Want to know more or even thinking of investing in osmium? You can find out all about it here and buy osmium yourself here.


Disclaimer: This blog is a contributed blog. Contributed blogs are paid for blogs, always and only we publish about companies we personally endorse. Should you invest in osmium and use my code during the process, I will receive a percentage over that sale. I am thankful if you do, however, I am also very thankful if you just enjoy our blog! 




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  • Parian


    • 29 January 2019 at 07:17
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    Nice post, you have write a wonderful article. Everyone love to invest for long run . You have described it in a smart way, good.


  • Raul Fernandez

    Raul Fernandez

    • 01 March 2019 at 16:01
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    Great post. Good to know about this "last of the eight precious metals".


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