What will the new partnership between CIBJO & BaselWorld bring?

Baselworld has become a commercial member of CIBJO the World Jewellery Confederation, in an aim, as they explain this new initiative, to be more "firmly rooted in the jewelry, gemstone and pearl industry."

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Many have claimed, including me, that BaselWorld is focussing too much on watches and is becoming less and less interesting for jewelry exhibitors and buyers. This new collaboration with CIBJO might prove that they are taking some further steps in regaining the interest for those who come (also) for the jewelry. 

What is the CIBJO?

CIBJO, The World Jewellery Confederation, represents the interests of all individuals, and companies earning their livelihoods from jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals, covering the entire industry from mine to marketplace in the various production, manufacturing, trading, and retail centers.

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Loris-Melikhoff is determined to make positive changes

In a statement (source: Jewellery Focus) Michel Loris-Melikoff, managing director of Baselworld, said: "Baselworld is particularly proud to join the most important international organization in the jewelry, gemstone and pearl industry. Becoming a member of CIBJO allows us to actively support the organization and to participate directly in its development."
Furthermore, he explained the common values they have;
"We are driven by the same values of ambition, tenacity, and sustainability. I thank Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri for welcoming us with stimulating enthusiasm. The sector will be able to count on the support of Baselworld."

BaselWorld Cibjo collaboration.CEO

Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri, president of the CIBJO, added: "CIBJO is delighted to welcome Baselworld into its ranks. As a Jewelry & Watch trade show that for decades has served as a leader both in Europe and internationally, it provides one of the most effective platforms possible for advancing the mission to harmonize industry standards and promote Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability throughout the value chain. I look forward to working with the Baselworld team."

Next Step

The next step will be to see what this collaboration will bring for both parties; however, I think it's a good step. What it'll boil down to is not so clear from this statement. I hope that they'll show us soon more!
Hopefully, lots will be learned and applied to add value to everyone. From visitors to exhibitors and everyone in between.

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