How to choose the perfect earring

Choosing the perfect earring is not as difficult as it may seem. My first advice would be to spend a lot of time, and one can easily do that online too, looking at various styles. After that, I would advice you to consider whether this earring is the ónly pair of earrings that you'll own, or if you have already some different pairs at home. Choosing the right earring can be a lot of fun and really do something for your outfit and face!

Earrings Dior

Fernando Jorge Fusion Earrings with Lilac Rhodalite and Amethyst and rubies. In the middle:Boucheron earrings Delilah Mosaique, top right: H. Stern, below left: Dior and below right: Cartier. All beautiful in their own way. Look at the colors and the combinations!


 Your first pair of earrings? Go classic.

If you have no pair of earrings yet, you might want to consider to choose a classic pair of hoops or a smaller button like earring. Maybe even a simple pair of pearl earrings, if this is your style and taste.

Earrings DL Choices Pesavento Gassan

Gassan owns a few famous jewelry stores in the Netherlands and have their own line of jewelry too: Choices by DL. The first three from top to bottom are all by Choices by DL and so is the green pendant and the earring right in the middle with the moonstone. The purple pair of earrings is by Gumuchian, and the blue long pendant earrings are by Bellon. The organic touch and look of the black and rose gold plated silver earrings are by Pesavento and the little lanterns with citrine are by Syna. The satin gold with the blue topaz are made by Bicego.

Sparkle and Color

An earring can really lift up your outfit and bring a little extra sparkle to your face. It's the piece of jewelry, together with the necklace, that people will notice first when you look at them. It can add color or sparkle. Make a statement or show your sense of class. It can be really a fashion item too.

Earrings celebrity

Top left: Annamaria Cammilli, middle: Chanel top right: Stephen Webster from the Stardust collection, below left: stunning earrings by Brumani and so are the ones on the right end below.

Red Carpet

Earrings are often stunning on the red carpet. Now this a good inspiration as you can see how they look on people, but don't get blown away by the fact that these celebrities wear very expensive jewelry. Fact is that the red carpet is a marketing show. Nothing more and nothing less. 

Earrings LouisVuitton2

Wonderful picture that shows us also how gorgeous it is to match your earrings to your eye color! Sutra jewelry. The delicate white gold flowers are by the famous Annamaria Cammilli and the daring color combination (I love it!) is by De Grisogono.

It might be slightly superficial, but at the same time it is big business for the luxury companies of this world and one of the rare moments they get to shine. Most of the jewelry does not belong to the stars and they will be dressed and bejeweled by stylists and companies. It does seem a little weird though, if you come to think of it, that these really rich people, who can actually afford this kind of jewelry, wear it without owning it ;-)

Earrings Diamond

The earrings top left and in the middle are by Nomination (stainless steel) Eva Longoria is wearing Brumani earrings, below left are a pair of earrings by Damiani, in the middle the beautiful Lacrima collection by Bucherer and last but not least:Jye

Earrings Pink

Cute earrings by DIOR, worn also by the always lovely; Emma Watson, Tresor earrings on the top right and below left are some striking earrings by Swarovski. In the middle: one of my favorite companies: Giovanni Ferraris. The feather earrings on the right are by Irit Design and below: Yael Sonia

Go for color

When choosing a pair of earrings you might have a pretty good idea of what you’d like. Not many dare to go for much color, but I would love to shake you a little and say: TRY it!! You will be amazed!

Earrings Long Blue green

Gorgeous opals and diamonds: Irene Neuwirth, the next one is by Louis Vuitton, the stunning all kinds of blue earrings are by the German company: Hemmerle and the beautiful oriental look is by Amrapali. Below we find Dior and in the middle: Calgaro. Jar made these striking green pair of earrings and more opals by Sutra. The green white and white green pair of earrings is by another of my absolute favorite companies: De Grisogono.

Jewelry at your workplace

Long earrings are very elegant and a little bit easier to wear in the evening. I love big earrings, but think that if you work in an office or shop or whatever your work environment will be, it can easily distract a bit too much and you might not feel comfortable with that.

Earrings Long

How do you think these earrings will look on you? Brumani loves sweet color mixes, from Brasil with love. Earring with cameo's by Dior. The beautiful pair of earrings below left are by Wallace Chan, the pink soft ones are by Carolina C. and the lovely pair of earrings with the color of 2015(Pantone)is by Clementina Duarte

Earrings Pomellato LeVian gold

Sometimes a pair of earrings gets in more than once...hehe: Nomination again on the top left. In the middle and far right: Pomellato. Below Hemmerle, LeVian and Pranda

Long hair, short neck...we are all different..:-)

If you have long hair and a long neck, you are very lucky as you can pull of most of the bigger earrings. I just love to see Sofia Vergara, one of those ideal women for earrings! Don't go for too long if you have a short neck. Don't go for too small if your face is broad. I have a round face and I look better with long earrings and hoops. Small ones disappear and make no sense at all. If you have short hair you can really make an impression with long earrings, but as there is no hair to slightly disguise the effect, you must choose with more care. Smaller earrings will suit you most of the times a bit better. And you can really pull off the small but beautiful pearl earrings or solitair earrings.

Earrings Gold Katy Perry LeVian PasqualeBruni

Wonderful earrings by the Brazilian company H. Stern above left and underneath far right. In the middle we find Gurhan, far right above is Katy Perry wearing the LeVian earrings from the series above this one. Below left: Bapalal, Rio Tinto earrings (fair trade) The moon and the star by Pasquale Bruni

Perfume and pearls

If you do go for pearls and gemstones, be very careful with your make up and perfume. Always apply perfume before you put on your earrings. Matching your eye color can also give a very interesting result. 

Earrings Orange

Pamela Huizinga earrings, Erica Courtney, Katherina Jetter agatha earrings. Below: Van Cleef & Arpels, Jewelmer, Stefan Hafner and in silver: Misis

Check your earrings

If you do buy more expensive jewelry, you should consider getting it checked every now and then. Maybe once a year; just go to your local jeweler and let him check the earring completely. It will prevent you a little better from losing them. 

Earrings jewelry black
Above left and below right: Marie e Luisa Jewels. In the middle: Sutra and the little black balls are by Alex Ball. Below in stainless steel: Brosway, in the middle below are modest yet super stylish earrings by Ivanka Trump

Lots of earrings

I have selected a very large selection of earrings here and I hope you do enjoy them and get your inspiration. I can't say it enough times but really: try to buy the best that you can afford. If that is a fashion jewelry piece, then try to go for the best quality. But we all have our own budgets and if yours doesn't allow you to go much further than say: H&M, then try to choose the nicest and best pair you can afford.

Earrings Gold satin

Because yellow gold is never out of fashion and the satin look is for everyone! Carla Amorim, Nanis, Bicego, Bicego also below and in the middle more Nanis. The beautiful earrings on the far right below are again by Carla Amorim


If money was no option, which one would you choose?

Earrings LouisVuitton

Blue is not only a beautiful color but will match so easily with your wardrobe! ( or your eyes) Above from left to right: E&V jewellery. Brumani and PennyPreville. Below: Louis Vuitton *un escale a Paris* Clemetine Duarte and Choices by DL 


Earrings yellow Gold

The wonderful collection of Dior, in the middle: Bicego and the wings are by Noor Fares, on the far left below: Carla Amorim and right ( middle) is by Bicego and the most lovely earrings below right are by Boucheron (Delilah)

Earrings Wings pearls

Earrings in stainless steel by Jacob Jensen. The beautiful earrings with pearls made into birds is by Lorenz Baumer, silver earrings by Calgaro, Morphée joaillerie, wow!. The Wings are by Noor Fares and the earrings are by Bavna

Earrings Sofia Vergara

One of my favorite colors in jewelry is purple. Above: Pasquale Bruni, Ludia Courteille, Rodney Rayner and Gunuchian, Sofia Vergara wears earrings in the most perfect way and gets away with almost anything, but tiny earrings would go completely lost on her. Bulgari in the middle below, these are so so beautiful! And the last ones are by the Italian compan: Antonini


Earrings Tilda Swinton

Bapalal Keshavlal, Tilda Swinton for Pomellato and a better look at the already featured earrings from Bavna

Earrings Gold satin Italian

Above: all earrings are by Annamaria Cammilli, below: Carla Amorim, Mary Esses and Rebecca ( stainless steel)



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