3 Cute Valentine Jewelry Gifts under €100,-

Valentine's Day is near! If you are not sure what to give her, go for some cute jewelry! I have selected 3 jewelry ideas to inspire you. Each one is different, according to your (and her) taste. Don't spend a fortune, but make her smile with these cute jewelry gifts!

Valentine's Day. Everyone heard about, some love it, others avoid it. But these gifts are so cute that even if you don't like Valentine's Day! Give it to her any day of the year, and I'll guarantee you: she will love it!

Muah Bijoux

I ADORE Muah Bijoux. Full disclosure: I am wearing it myself every single day. Italian Fashion Jewelry at its best! If you like to read more about Muah Bijoux and its founder, the Italian Nicol, you can find that right here.

This lovely bracelet is called Bonheur Cuore Tattoo and costs €72,-


Dario Scapitta

An Italian designer living in the Netherlands. Dario is known for his love of contemporary design and again, I do own a few of his pieces that I love to wear. I always get compliments from people, especially for the bracelet. This ring below is for the minimalists and lovers of design or contemporary jewelry. We know Dario is much loved in the art community too. 

The Ring is from the CONTINUUM collection and costs €79,-



Many fashion and jewelry companies work with Swarovski for their famous crystals. Muah Bijoux is one of them. The company does more than producing crystals. It's also a dealer of high-end gemstones, and it created a jewelry line featuring the famous crystal sparkle that people have come to love. This jewelry collection is available online and in the Swarovski boutiques. This necklace is called The Elements and retails at €99,- 

Visit the websites of the featured companies to get additional information! 








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