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A recent trip to the stunning island of Madeira led me to create a blog about floral jewelry. Inspired, I long to share with you some of the most beautiful high-end jewelry wonders of nature pieces you have ever seen. Psstt; in the next one, I’ll show you my best finds for affordable prices ;-)Flowers are an inspiration to all artists, and jewelry designers are no exception, but what still amazes me after all those years, is the variety, the incredible diverse interpretations of petals and stems using imagination and then some diamonds, enamel, and stunning gemstones.  


Amka Design in silver and enamel and fashion jewelry ring by Etro


It was a very last minute idea and booking, that trip to Madeira in May. I always had it in the back of my mind somehow, and when we sat down at -hadn’t been to one in years- our local travel agent Diana, we soon set our hearts on Madeira. ''Let’s go and see some whales'', we cheered, after leaving her office. Well, spoiler alert: we didn't see one single whale. (not counting the Madeira Whale museum, which was surprisingly beautiful on -1 floor, but ghastly and weirdly proud of its bloody past of whale hunting on floor -2. Take it is a kind warning, if you go with children. 

Floral jewelry Hemmerle

Hemmerle Floral jewelry

Floral Jewelry earrings mvee

Mvee, Katherine Jenner and Riccardo Basta

The island itself is often described as the Hawaii of Europe. Although it sets right next to Morocco, Africa, it has always been part of Portugal. Not conquered, but discovered and people from Portugal went to the island and that was that. Volcanic origins created the ridiculously fertile grounds of Madeira. The island is so green and so full of the most amazing trees, plants and yes, incredible amounts of flowers, it seems like..well, pregnant. Blossoming fertility everywhere, there is not one single piece of soil that is not covered in something beautiful, lush and green.

Floral Jewelry Aaron Schum Ring

Aaron Schum

Floral Jewelry faberge Ring

Jacob &Co, Fabergé, Giovanni Ferraris Titanium and Mousson Atelier


From Monte Palace Tropical Garden to Floral Jewelry Blog

Not one single day passed by, without clouds rolling in. There are hardly any sand beaches, definitely not the holiday for sun loving beach bums. But the scenery, the landscape makes up completely for it. The temperature is a mild 20 C  (68 F) and it's just a very pleasant climate for walking and hiking, the main attraction of this island. We went to 25 waterfalls, never been so scared during a walk in my life, but breathtakingly beautiful. We also went to seek whales, but found playful dolphins instead (what is it with dolphins, that makes us feel all emotional when we see them?) which made totally up for it. That trip was done on a very nice and comfy boat with the most wonderfully enthusiastic hosts. (Living Sea boat trip, one of my best tips for your visit to Madeira) After my son, who loves drawing and took his drawing stuff with him, made them a drawing of a whale and gave it to them, they were so kind to him and they turned them into the captain of the boat. For almost half an hour, he sat there, beaming with pride :-)



Roberto Coin Princess Collection

The tropical garden we visited was financed by José Berardo, a self made millionaire who gave back to the island in several ways. On the Monte Palace Tropical garden, there are various expositions. One of them is a stunning mineral and gemstone collection. Unfortunately, we booked this trip with TUI, lovely guidance, but we were rushed through this part and we would have enjoyed taking much more time to explore. We also, as one should, took the Tobbogan Wicket Basket Sled Ride. I will share some of our own pictures below, but not that one! Too embarrassing; a face with a weird smirk between pure fear and excitement!

Floral jewelry Cartier cuffbracelet


Floral high-end jewelry is always cool

How couldn’t this trip to Madeira with my family not inspire me to do a blog about floral jewelry? There is so much beauty out there, people! In real life and in the created fantasy world of jewelry designers. Whatever the budget, you’ll find something stunning. Some say it is a little more adequate for an older generation sometimes. But I disagree and many people do. Flowers are never out of fashion. Wether it's in fashion or jewelry or accessories, they just belong to us all; young, old and something in the middle (like moi)

Floral jewelry Schoeffel ring Lydia Courteille

Lydia Courteille and Schoeffel

Floral Jewelry Trésor Earrings

Trésor Floral Earrings


It’s fresh, it’s seductive, it’s innocent, but sometimes like a sexy secret. Flower jewelry; it’s a bit like animal jewelry, which I personally love so dearly. The difference is that animals as an inspiration tend to create more whimsical ideas, but they both give a realist portrait of a living creature. And I love that. No, I adore that. It’s cool and sexy, but in a very different way than other jewelry designs.These stunning pieces in this blog are just a heavily blooming in all senses as the soils of Madeira. The prices of the jewelry vary from €250 to more or less €80.000.

Floral Jewelry Bulgari

Roberto DeMeglio, Leo Pizzo, Piaget and Bulgari

Too much? Then stay tuned, next week I will present the most gorgeous yet affordable jewelry, not made in gold and diamonds of course, but still lovely and there to make your day brighter.

 Psssst: our own photos are on Instagram: Bizzita_Jewelry_Blog



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  • Jose Manuel Jul Lopez

    Jose Manuel Jul Lopez

    • 11 June 2018 at 18:34
    • #

    Preciosas joyas


  • HisJewelsCreation


    • 19 June 2018 at 12:11
    • #

    For the past few months, I have some obsession with pink jewelry and how it looks both at night and on the sunlight during the day. It goes perfectly well with almost anything. Especially for the summer.
    I bought a new piece from some website that I stumbled upon.

    Love your blog!


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 20 June 2018 at 09:16
      • #

      Ahhh, we all know how it feels when suddenly we obsess about a certain type of jewelry, stone or color. And how jewelry to match our taste ''suddenly'' pops up everywhere!. :-) Great, happy to hear you found something nice! Xoxo


  • Lilian


    • 20 June 2018 at 08:38
    • #

    love your posting , so much emotion , its so real !

    Thank you !


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 20 June 2018 at 09:14
      • #

      Thanks Lilian :-))) Loved to hear you liked it so much!


  • Sunflower Ring

    Sunflower Ring

    • 09 July 2018 at 10:04
    • #

    I became a jewelry addict 1 year ago, because I was looking for a ring (just for fun), and found a floral ring which is more like sunflower after 2 months's research. After that, I have been being obsessed with floral jewelry. They are just so alive! I couldn't stop wearing them, especially in summer.

    BLOG : https://www.sunflowerring.com


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