Must see jewelry! Colorful beetles and bugs turned into fairytale jewelry

Levon Bliss is a photographer who spends hours and hours photographing the tiniest, but most colorful and amazing creatures on the planet: bugs and beetles.​ Bugs, beetles and other tiny animals that, when you look as close as he allows you to look with his stunning photography, blow away your mind! The details, the colors, they are full of amazing details. A bug is a bundle of smart nature in a beautiful fascinating form.

And how could they not be an inspiration for jewelry designers? We may not be the cuddly creators we all adore, but oh boy, how beautiful they are!Come see Daniela Villegas, a designer who created perhaps the largest and perhaps even most beautiful jewelry collection with bugs as her inspiration. But come see all those other ideas, shapes, designers, creativity and color in this blog about fairytale jewelry that you simply must see!


JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegasTop

I love to tell stories, it is one of the reasons I write blogs and invent children stories for my own son. Stories in my own head, but especially stories from others often form the basis of my blogs. In this case, it was a Ted Talk of Levon Bliss.

A photographer who seemed to have reached every single goal on his professional wish list. All the prizes were won, all the clients he could dream of were served and he reached perfection. And then, one day, as so often happens when a dream comes true, a feeling of ''Now What?'' developed in his mind. 

Perhaps a journey towards our goals in life, our dreams, is much more fascinating than the destination. It was his son, his very own son who helped him to find focus again. A goal that would lead him to groundbreaking perfection and newly found focus in his life. It was the day his son came home with a little beetle. 

If you listen to his Ted Talk, which I can only strongly recommend you to do, you'll hear the full story yourself.  The full TedTalk from Levon Bliss can be found here.

And when you listen and observe, I hope that you too will perhaps look differently at all those little crawly creatures at our feet. They contain a world full of color, incredible details, and evolutional wisdom. And most of all; I would love to hear if this, in any way, has changed your own perception and view on jewelry as published in this blog. So please, do let me know! 

ps. if you love the fairytale theme, do check out this blog about Alice in Wonderland jewelry too!  


JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytaleAntique

an antique sapphire and diamond stag beetle brooch mounted in gold and silver. Mazer brooch from 1940


JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegas1

Daniela Villegas (look at that enamel!)


JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale LevonBliss.1

The Microsculpture project by the magnificent Levon Bliss. You can actually buy the images!

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegas5

Daniela Villegas

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegas9

Deakin & Francis cufflinks and pendant and earrings by Daniela Villegas

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegas2

Vernissage by Ilenia Corti in silver and stunning bug with pearl by Daniela Villegas

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegas3

Daniela Villegas

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegas4 png

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegas5

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegas6

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegas7

Daniela Villegas

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale GiambattistaValli

Giambattista Valli on the runway

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale DanielaVillegas8

Daniela Villegas

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale Wallace Chan

Wallace Chan & René Lalique

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale Fabergé

Gold stag beetle brooch with rubies, diamonds & enamel, 1950, Bonham: an antique enamel and diamond beetle brooch & watch circa 1910 and Brooch by Fabergé

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale HeidiKumli

Wonderful examples of beading from Lux Vivens Fashion (Etsy) and Heidi Kummli

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale IradjiMoiniTrifari

Trifari brooch in Sterling silver designed by A. Katz, Iradji Moini

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale Vernissage EleniaCorti

Bugs, colorful and amazing in silver created by Ilenia Corti of Vernissage (fun fact, she was my neighbor in Italy)

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale LaurenzBaumer

Melissa Calohan and Lorenz Baumer

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale LydiaCourteille

lgiz Fazulzyanov Modern Art Nouveau Scarab and Lydia Courteille gold earrings with turquoise and tsavorite 

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale magnusGjoen

An artistic approach by Magnus Gjoen

JewelryBugsBeetles must seefairytale LevonBliss

The stunning images as photographed by Levon Bliss. Courtesy: Levon Bliss



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  • ADOR Associazione Designers Orafi

    ADOR Associazione Designers Orafi

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    very nice , ..interesting .


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 07 December 2017 at 13:11
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      Grazie :)


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