Pearl Jewelry, the coolest designs!

Who still thinks that pearls are for your nonna or granny; stop! Pearls are hot. Not just because some cool male rappers, actors, and artists are wearing them now too. They are hot because...well, come and discover for yourself!

1. Pearl jewelry CoolestDesigns

Pearls are unique in the jewelry world. They are not a gemstone, they come as they are and are (almost) never cut other than for the sake of fixing it onto a ring, etc. They come in all kinds of colors and shapes. Before we were able to cultivate pearls, there were only natural pearls on the market. Natural pearl necklaces take an incredible amount of time and energy to create. Cultivated pearls have become the norm and are more affordable and available. 

Pearl Jewelry bracelet Melissa JOY Manning pearls Blog 17

Yoko London, gold and small pearls bracelet, the Sleek Collection

From Tahitian to Freshwater pearls

One of the really great things about pearl jewelry is that it comes in every price category. Whatever your budget is, if you do want it in silver and not spend a fortune, there is a huge selection available. Try always to go for freshwater real pearls and not plastic beads if you can. In the mid-price section, there is also a very wide range of jewelry available. From classic jewelry pieces to the much more daring, bold or contemporary pieces. 

Pearl Jewelry earringsMelanie georgacopoulos mg tasaki shell bangle in palladium fresh water pearls 12

Melanie Georgacopoulos for Tasaki: bangle in palladium and freshwater pearls

Like to see more pearls? Come and find out in this blog about my 12 favorite Japanese Jewelry Brands! 

Price ranges in Pearl Jewelry

In this blog, we won’t go into depth about pearls themselves, but prices and the differences in prices are always connected to the quality of the pearl. Although size is very important, the non-pearl body inside the pearl can actually be large and the nacre around it rather thin and vice versa. 

Pearl Jewelry Earrings Baggins Blog Bizzita 15

Baggins earrings

There is no way of seeing this with the naked eye, so much of how to know if you are buying good pearls comes down to trust. 

The brands the jeweler works with can often provide much more information about the pearls and if your jeweler is any good, he or she will be able to share that with you and answer all your questions. The same rule always applies: when buying pearls and jewelry: don’t ever fall for stunt prices. Spend less, buy smaller, but never go to discounters. TRUST is everything. And there are so many wonderful jewelers out there that can show you what they have bought for you!

Pearl Jewelry Earrings Baggins Blog Bizzita 19

Baggins Earrings

Explore the coolest pearl jewelry designs here:

Pearl Jewelry Earrings Gurhan GOld 14

Gurhan pearl earrings in gold

Pearl jewelry Earrings Yoko London Sleek Collection. Bizzita jewelry Blog13

Yoko London Earrings in gold with diamonds and pearls

Pearl Jewelry Fei Liu 4kt Ring Bizzita JewelryBlog.6

Fei Liu, has a wonderful collection of affordable and high-end jewelry! This is from the affordable collection with zirkonia, in silver and with a small pearl

Pearl Jewelry Grace Lee 4kt Ring Bizzita JewelryBlog.6

Grace Lee pearl ring in 14kt yellow gold

Pearl Jewelry Lorenz Baumer earrings 14

Lorenz Baumer, the amazing jewelry artist's earrings with pearls

Pearl Jewelry Mastoloni bracelet Blog Bizzita 15

Mastoloni bracelet in gold and diamonds and pearls

Pearl Jewelry Mastoloni bracelet Blog Bizzita 18

Mastoloni bracelet in white gold and black pearls

Pearl Jewelry Melanie Georgacopoulos ring 4

The Double Pearl Nacré Ring by Melanie Georgacopoulos (it's said to be really comfortable to wear)

Pearl Jewelry Melanie Georgacopoulos ring pyramid pearl Tasaki 9

My personal favorite: Tasaki Pearl Pyramid Ring designed by Melanie Georgacopoulos

Pearl Jewelry Melanie Georgacopoulos TASAKI Sliced Neclace Bizzita jewelryBlog 7

Sliced Pearl Necklace! By Melanie Georgacopoulos

Pearl Jewelry Nikos Koulos earrings 8

Nikos Koulis pearl earrings

Pearl Jewelry Todd Reed Ring Bizzita JewelryBlog.1

Cool pearl ring by Todd Reed with black diamonds, sterling silver and 18kt gold and pearls

Pearl Jewelry UTOPIA SouthSea Pearls Bracelet Blog Bizzita 17

Another favorite piece: The Utopia pearl bracelet

Pearl jewelry Yana Nesper Jewelryblog Bizzita Bracelet 16

Beautiful piece of jewelry, pearl bracelet by Yana Nesper

Pearl Jewelry Yoko London Emerald Ring Bizzita JewelryBlog.2

Yoko London is easy one of the biggest pearl companies around with a huge selection of pearl jewelry in every style imaginable. This is a Tahitian pearl with emeralds. I love the combination!

Pearl Jewelry Yoko London Novus collection SouthSea pearls Ring Bizzita JewelryBlog.5

Novus Collection by Yoko London with South Sea Pearls and diamonds in gold

Pearl Jewelry Yoko London Pink Pearl Ring Bizzita JewelryBlog.3.1

A freshwater rare pink pearl in this ring by Yoko London

Pearl Jewelry Yoko London Trend Collection earrings pearls Bizzita JewelryBlog.10

Yoko London earrings with pearls from the Trend Collection

Pearl Jewelry Yoko London Trend Collection earrings pearls Bizzita JewelryBlog.11

Yoko London earrings with diamonds and pearls

Did we manage to inspire you? Hopefully so! Do drop us a line and let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Who knows, she might just do it! ;-)

Pearl Jewelry Coolest Designs



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