Sapphire, 25 facts and reasons to adore this beautiful gemstone!

I remember the first time I laid my eyes on a star sapphire, I was mesmerized. It’s an incredible stone that has a little magic to it. Did you know it's a much-valued talisman for travelers? Sapphires come in almost all colors, but of course, the most famous color is blue.

Come and discover why you just might want to choose a sapphire for your engagement ring, gift or just something beautiful for yourself! 

Facts about Sapphire Bayco Fabergé Chopard ring

Bayco Monochrome Lotus ring, Chopard ring in titanium and sapphire and the Sapphire version of the Fabergé Emotion Ring

Sapphire: Myths and beliefs

  • Ancients Persians thought that the sky was colored blue because the Earth was settled on a giant sapphire.
  • Some people strongly believe(d) that sapphires reveal the secrets of Oracles.
  • Venomous snakes are supposed to die when put near or in a sapphire vessel.
  • Sapphires promote financial wealth (does one need more convincing?)

Facts About Sapphire Seamon Shepps bracelet Hemmerle Chopard

Seamon Shepps chalcedony and sapphire bracelet, Hemmerle cuff in aquamarine and sapphire, Chopard Red Carpet earrings with sapphire


  • Wearing a necklace of sapphires should cure or prevent you from getting or having a sore throat.
  • Sapphire's other medical powers: remove impurities from the eye and the mind.
  • The Star Sapphire is also an amulet -and I like this one- for travelers and ‘’seekers”.
  • It goes also by the name of *The Stone of Destiny*.
  • It’s believed that Moses’ tablet, with the 10 commandments, was made of sapphire.Facts about SapphireStar Oscar HeymanBoucheron Ceylon star sapphireringKatherine Jetter grey star
Oscar Heyman pale star sapphire bracelet with diamonds, Boucheron Ceylon Star Sapphire 27,55ct and a grey star sapphire by Katherine Jetter 
  • Because of this, it became popular for its so-called Divine properties. Seen as the stone of heaven or the Divine.
  • Clergy in the Middle ages wore it for the symbolism of heaven, whilst the common man believed it actually attracted heavenly blessings
  • In ancient Greece and Rome, it was believed that the stone protected people and possessions from harm and envy.

Facts about Sapphire YellowAlisonLou VanCleefandArpels Izmir necklace

Alison Lou, He Loves Me ring with a yellow sapphire and Van Cleef & Arpels necklace called Izmir from the Bals de Legende Collection

Facts About Sapphire SuzanneSyz Niquesapetali d amoreRinLimor

Suzanna Syz Ring with sapphire, Rina Limor bracelet with sapphires and last but not least; Niquesa Petali d'Amore with stunning sapphires and diamonds

Sapphire: facts

  • Sapphire has been associated with Royalty. Throughout the ages and most recently: both princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, wore sapphire engagement rings.
  • The word sapphire comes from the Greek word: Sappheiros. Mind you, it’s believed that this word referred to all blue gemstones and for sure; Lapis Lazuli.
  • A rare variety of sapphire, known as the color-changing sapphire has the same properties as Alexandrite: changing colors during the day. Blue by day and violet under artificial light.

Facts about SapphireTiffanyCoquillage Broochbracelet

Tiffany Coquillage bracelet and brooch


  • In 1902 the first synthetic sapphire was created. Today used in cheap jewelry.
  • It’s the birthstone of September, as created by the National Association of Jewelers in 1912) but often also named as the birthstone of April.
  • Connected with the Taurus, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Facts about SapphirePinkPadparadschaAnnLin Les Baroquering Omni privé Ring

Ann Lin Les Baroque Ring with a Padparadscha sapphire and OmniPrivé Padparadscha sapphire Ring


  • Wedding anniversary? Give a sapphire for the 5th and 45th.
  • Sapphire is the non-red variety of corundum, the red variety is called ruby.
  • Sapphire is very hard, only second to diamond. For this reason, you find it’s transparent version on glasses of watches and some phones. Score 9.0 on Mohs scale.

Facts about sapphire Autore bracelet Pearl Kavant Sharart Sicis Cosmo

Autore bracelet with sapphires, diamonds and South Sea Keshi pearls, including also some rough sapphires, bracelet by Staurino F.lli and the Cosmo necklace by Sicis


  • A very rare and valued variety of sapphire is the Padparadscha. It has a pinkish orange color, the word means Lotus Flower in Sinhalese, the language of Sri Lanka, where the stone is found.
  • Sometimes sapphires contain inclusions of tiny rutile needles, creating the optical effect when cut and polished as cabochons, that goes by the name: asterism. Also known as Star Sapphire. Usually showing 6 rays but sometimes even 12 rays!.
  • Sapphires come both natural and unheated and heated. Paler versions and transparent stones gain an intense blue color, thanks to the heating process.

Facts about Sapphire DavidMorris GlennSpiroRingbracelettitaniumCabochon

David Morris 64,55ct Burmese sapphire ring and cuff bracelet by Glenn Spiro in titanium, containing beautiful sapphire gemstones

Facts About Sapphire KavantSharart RingGiovanni FerrarisRoberto Coin

Kavant & Sharart earrings, sapphire ring by Giovanni Ferraris - Anastazia -  and the ring with the small ruby on the inside: Roberto Coin


A few names referring to intensity and color:

  • Padparadscha.
  • Kashmir - intense color, like velvet and very rare from the Kashmir region.
  • Royal Blue- the intense vivid blue as spotted in the rings of the aforementioned British Royalty.

Facts about Sapphire Pomellato Verdura Lily Gabriella

Pomellato Pom Pom tango chain bracelet in silver on rose gold containing sapphires, Coronet cuffs by Verdura and Lily Gabriella ring

Facts About Sapphire Royalty British Engagement Ring KateDiana 

Royalty prefers sapphires. Duchess Kate Middleton and Diana Spencer


Sapphire is found in:

U.S.A., Nigeria, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, China, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Facts About Sapphire Rough Sapphire

Rough sapphire, raw and beautiful. In the middle is the precious rough version of the Padparadscha variety


Celebrities among the sapphires are:

♦Starry Night Sapphire

♦Star of India

♦Star of Bombay

♦Rockefeller Sapphire

♦The Bismarck Sapphire

♦The Logan Sapphire

Facts About Sapphire Famous Stones Rockefeller Star of India Star of Bombay

The Rockefeller Sapphire, Star of India Sapphire and the Star of Bombay Sapphire


Facts about Sapphire Logan Bismarck famous gemstones 

The Logan Sapphire and Bismarck Sapphire

Sapphires are just kick ass

Do you need more to be absolutely convinced about the charming story and properties of this blue beauty? If anything, the stone is beloved, timeless, stunning and a kick ass engagement ring gemstone. 

Facts About sapphire Van Cleef Arpels Sapphire Bracelet

Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet, the zipper works and can turn this bracelet into a necklace

facts about Sapphire Wallace ChanBangle A Lyrical Moment

Wallace Chan- a lyrical moment as exposed at the TEFAF in Maastricht this year 
Cartier Etourdissant Romanov Bracelet Platinum 197.80ct cushion-shape and Rose-cut Ceylon sapphire

Facts About SapphireCartier Etourdissant Romanov Bracelet Platinum 197.80 cushion shape Rose cutCeylon Sapphire



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    Sapphire is a stone of protection and prophetic wisdom, a wondrous crystal that can watch over human destiny. It is believed to promote joy, faith, hope, and protection during long journeys. It is indeed one of the best gemstones on Earth


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