So this is what award-winning jewelry looks like!

Outstanding jewelry gets rewarded every year on the Couture Jewelry Show in Wynn Las Vegas. Would you like to see who have won? 


 It must be one of your wildest dreams, when you become a jewelry designer. Winning an award at a prestigious jewelry show such as Couture in Las Vegas. This year's show was once again, a great success, but for these designers, the *one day I'll win an award dream* has come true:

Best in Platinum:



Best in Silver:

Anthony Lent





Best in Diamonds below 20.000 dollar:

Yannis Sergakis


Best in Gold:

Imogen Belfield

Best in Diamond above 20.000 dollar:

Stephen Webster



Best in Colored Gemstone above 20.000 dollar:

Selim Mouzannar

Best in Colored Gemstone below 20.000 dollar:

Tomasz Donocik




Best in Haute Couture:

Nikos Koulis


Best in Pearl:



Best in Innovative:

Silvia Furmanovich


 Best in Bridal:

Polly Wales


People's Choice:

Anita Ko




Best  Couture Debute:

Kavant & Sharart



What would your favorite piece be?  

Mine? Well, most of the time, a piece of jewelry gains in beauty when design meets precision and techniques. Gemstones can add a lot to the quality of the piece and of course, are often very influencial on the price. I think that these Couture Award Winning Jewelry pieces are truly outstanding. However, I will share with you my personal top 3.

1. Anthony Lent. I love the way that he thinks differently. I find the piece original, not looking like * usual silver jewelry* and outstanding in movement and surprising details.

2. Yannis Sergakis. These earrings do not look perhaps the most spectacular on a photo like this one. But I think they are so refined and so delicately beautiful. I can imagine, easily, how these would look in real on a real person and think they would be awesome.

3. Stephen Webster. I am a fan. I mean, the guy makes incredible jewelry and has proven to be that kind of rockstar jewelry designer that fascinates us with his appearance and his daring designs. This piece is a very high end necklace and has Stephen Webster signature design all over it. Beautiful, maybe not as surprising as others, but I can't help myself: I am such a fan ;-)





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    • 01 July 2016 at 07:48
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    the jewelry look so amazing and charming , so they need the high end jewelry showcase to better show them ,you can go to


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