The Book of Life inspires you to wear bright colored skull jewelry!

The book of life is a marvelous looking 3D adventure musical comedy film, completely computer animated. I just saw the trailer and am stunned by the visual experience already. The story is about a man called Manolo and his struggle between the expectations of his family and his own heart embarking on an adventure that spans three amazing worlds, where he will face his biggest fears. 

 Trailer from the beautiful animated movie: The Book of Life


DD Collage Skulls jewelry


The centre piece is by Lydia Courteille, what a photo! and the blue skull is by: Wendy Brandes, the precious jewelry that seems to me like Queen Elizabeth is from Theo Fennell


The Dia de Muertos

The theme is appropriate for the season as in many countries, the day of death is a day that is properly lived. Remembering those who have passed away. In my own country we are making some sort of shy effort to embrace Halloween, but it’s not in our culture and it really doesn’t seem to catch people’s hearts. In Italy, the first of November, is a holiday.

Many go to the graves of their loved ones with flowers. But there are countries that know how to really celebrate the life of those who passed away, like the famous Mexican; Dia de Muertos. For three days people gather together and there are offerings and sugar skulls and marigolds. Very colorful and in my humble opinion; they seem to be more in connection with this part of life than we are here in my part of the world.


All jewelry by Lydia Courteille


Colorful skull jewelry, the art of surrealism

Skulls, but also the feast of the death, have been an inspiration to a lot of designers. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I am sure. But the colors and the sort of weirdness are very attractive. Even if you just like to observe it as a piece of art.

There are some companies and designers that are famous for this kind of design. Like the much praised Lydia Courteille, who has embraced fairytale weirdness and macabre cuteness in so many of her *over the top* jewelry. But also Dior has a range of colorful skull jewelry that still has all the soft and beautiful colors. There are custom jewelry companies like Butler and Wilson that do some very bright skull jewelry and bags and many more…

DD collage skull art jewelry

The pink skull with diamonds is by Dior, art from the feast of death, the skull bag is available at Butler&Wilson and the ring with snake and skulls is by Lydia Courteille

The Book of Life remembers you to write your very own life. 

Today I bring you the brightest, not the toughest or coolest, but those completely in theme with the gorgeous film: The book of Life. The message of the movie seems to be that everyone can write their own life. Not a bad lesson for today :-)


Images of the film, the campaign of Lydia Courteille and Nathalie Shau seems to match they were created together!

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