Valentine and jewelry, love and hearts

Valentine’s day. A day that celebrates love. Love for each other. Not just your partner, not just the person you secretly are in love with, but Love with a capital L. There are so many ways to express love, but in jewelry it is hearts that tell you immediately the whole love story.

Valentine diamond heart

All jewelry by Padani

Be my Valentine

I have written it before, but in the Netherlands, Valentine’s day is not such a big deal. And I read just this week that our interest in this day has declined much since the crisis. 64% won’t do anything about the day. Despite the fact that everyone, from the local bakery to the chocolate brands, from the jewelry companies to the supermarket, does their best to turn us into a more romantic bunch of people. 

Valentine gold jewelry

Chopard, Bulgari, Carrera YCarrera, then more Chopard, Pensieri Felici ( Happy thoughts) and Padani with a love message ring, on the left side in the middle you can even read: ''ik hou van je'' ( Dutch for I love you!)

Mixed feelings

Personally I have mixed feelings about this day. As someone who worked so much in jewelry, I tend to see it as one of those days that are interesting marketing days. I am afraid that my approach is very businesslike and not very romantic. But there you go: I am Dutch and not raised with Valentine’s day. 

Valentine heart shaped jewelry

Rosato with a little surprise in a box, Viviene Westwood's iconic hearts and crown, Pasquale Bruni and their famous Amore rings, two hearts in gold and enamel by Fabergé, the little wrapped heart is by Verdura and the sexy lips are by Solange Azagury-Partridge

Fascinating origins

Last year I did a little more research on the subject and found out about its origins. It was far more interesting and fascinating than I had imagined! You can read that article here.

Valentine hearts necklaces ring and pendant earring

Morellato bracelet proves that you do not need a lot of money to give something really cute in jewelry!, the yellow heart is by Fratelli Staurino from Valenza Po, Italy, LeVian the famous America brand who loves brown diamonds, the elegant heart pendant in yellow gold is by Veronese and the white and yellow gold  heart with cherubs is by Carrera Y Carrera. In the middle: Casata gioielli, Kurshuni silver earrings with zirconia, the pendant with leather necklace is by Roberto Coin, the rose gold engraved heart with Dodo is by Pomellato. The beautiful earrings next to that are by Yvonne Crista and the ring is by Morellato. Two hands holding a heart: Spanish love by Carrera Y Carrera. Swarovski heart and the little cupido is by S'Agapo, the sporty bracelet is by MontBlanc and next to that Francesca Mo. Last but not least: Bulgari

Love giving life sense

There are a few higher values in life and a philosopher once told me that in order to give life a purpose or sense, one could choose to live life according to one of those higher values. One of those values is love. And love expresses itself in many different ways. If I talk to someone highly religious they will tell me passionately about the love of the God they believe in. But there is also the love of parents for their children, most of time this will perhaps be the only unconditional love we know? There is of course  love for our friends and our pets. Love for nature and wildlife, love for the spiritual things in life. Love also for things like books, movies and objects. Today we do think that having a love for things is not dignifying but who knows, it could be the same emotion as someone else feels for a friend. 

Valentine heart watches

Watch Brands also love corny hearts! Bulova, Corum and Didofá, then Bulgari and Zenith on the left side and more Zentih on the right side below.

Love is ....

Falling in love is very easy, love becomes interesting when all kinds of things try to take the magic away: routine, changing bodies as we grow older, illness, stress, children and so much more. I think the love of a couple that lasted through all this is far more interesting than the young couple that falls in love. And I would like to see brands ( like the Milka Valentine’s ad this year of elderly people taking selfies) focus much more on LOVE instead of showing us forever picture perfect young couples that court each other. What about you?

Life is never fair, is it? When we are young and our bodies are still so tight and we have no wrinkle nor are we ( usually) carrying around a lot of history on our shoulders, we fall in love and we should not have a worry in the world. Yet especially then we feel all kinds if insecurities about our bodies and ourselves. When we get older we tend to feel much better in our own skin (whilst the tightness of our skin and freshness is long gone, haha) but carry a load of baggage into a new relationship.

Valentine jewelry and watches

The sporty red bracelet with hearts is by Salvatore Ferragamo, Designbloom necklace (Etsy), Alle the watches are by Swatch. The composable bracelets are by Nomination, the little pendant with two red hearts by Chantecler. This heart ring holding a book is by Lebole Gioielli and the cute little ring is found on Etsy ( SucreSucreminiatures)

Oh Dr. Phil, you are so right

Dr. Phil likes to repeat one phrase and it struck me so much: how much fun are you to live with? It's such a great question and it helps me to reflect on those days that I find myself snapping at my hubby, feeling stressed and hurried. Or on the days that I just nod and say uh huh to my child, not listening at all to what he is telling me. But when I do take the time to think of it a bit better, I feel  that it is me who gives all the *struggles and stress* that Pole position in life, instead of creating a lovely moment with my child, make my hubby a compliment or simply send a short sweet word of support or love to a dear friend.

Valentine jewelry love

In Silver: Giovanni Raspini necklace, Aibijoux necklace, and anatomically correct heart by Solange Azagury-Partridge, the earrings are by Viviene Westwood and Zoppini signed the two big hearts. A classic ring, for the classic woman: Boodles.

Heart shaped jewelry corny?

Love and beauty are two things that come together in jewelry. Passion to create it and passion when it’s given with love to someone. I have always adored heart shaped jewelry. To some it is way too corny, but what is wrong with being corny? And you can see for yourself how many jewelry designers have embraced the Love theme.  I hope that you feast your eyes on the beauty of the jewelry in this blog and make someone’s life just a little more beautiful today!

Should you buy jewelry for your loved one on Valentine’s day? I asked the same question last year and I think I would say: no….create your own very special day of love and THEN give each other something special. Maybe even a silver or golden heart J

Valentine silver heart silver jewelry

Earrings are by Bliss, the key with heart is by Djula, the heart pendant is by Pianegonda and next to that a heart necklace by Guess jewelry. Then next an all silver necklace by Giovanni Raspini, a cute bracelet with pendant: Lotus Style, a silver jigsaw puzzle by Asprey and a  heartshaped diamond on the Recarlo ring. The star ring is by Djula and the lovely earrings are by Stroili, the classic ring with diamond is by Eclat jewelry and the earrings in silver with freshwater pearls are by Misaki jewelry



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