Why we love fall jewelry!

We love fall! The days when a golden light brings glory to all those deep warm colors of the leaves. I am blessed to live in an area surrounded by forests and we love to go for a walk and explore all we can find. Now is the most magical time, with all the mushrooms everywhere. Imagine all that translated to wonderful pieces of jewelry!


Some images of our walk this sunday in the forests here, and my tiny doggy Isabella. After a walk it's such pleasure to enjoy a warm cappuccino outside:-)

My son loves to run, with our dog, ahead of us and be the first to *discover* yet another fabulous mushroom somewhere. Whilst the dog is more interested in finding sticks. She is getting old and the days that she ran like a hare in the fields are gone. But still, whenever we enter the forest, her younger self is showing again and she runs and plays like mad!

FalljewelryMushrooms Hemmerle

The mushrooms and chestnuts are by Hemmerle, the mushroom with the diamonds on its hood was found on 1stDibs and the golden mushroom with the sapphires is a brooche by E. Pearl

Nature…we have done everything to tame it. But we deny that nature is part of who we are. And nature is our source. Whenever you look at artist, it is nature that perhaps is the most common theme and how could it not be?

Fall jewelrytheatrejewellerytheatre squirl mushroom trifary

The wonderful squirrel and mushroom ring are by the Russian Jewellery Theatre and the white mushroom is a brooche that you can find in many colors, it's custom jewelry and made by Trifary

Fall lesnereides

My inner child jumps with joy over these cute rings, earrings and necklaces by Les Néréides Paris.

One of the brands in jewelry that takes fall inspiration to a deeply expressive and extreme realistic level is Hemmerle from München (Munich). Although fall can be beautiful everywhere, if you have ever had the pleasure to see the south of Germany....the large forests and beautiful scenery take your breath away! (whilst the people are much more laid back than up north ;-) ) Hemmerle makes one of the most beautiful collection of jewelry in Germany, in my opinion.

Fall jewelry mushroom jewelrygolddiamond

Shawish jewelry...stunning little creations!


Some of the more edgy jewelry designers working in silver and other materials: Peggy Skemp Mushroom ring,  Mushroom with bees by Mielle Harvey  and a very interesting necklace by Laura Tabakman

After coming home from our walk this Sunday, I sat down and started to write this blog. Inspired by all that I had seen of course! And my search for jewelry went from mushrooms to acorns and leaves. But leaves…ah, there are so many stunning designs with leaves that I will certainly will dedicate a blog later on about them.  I came across Tiffany’s cufflinks, and Asprey’s fabulous bracelet and I could not leave out, of course, the Hemmerle mushrooms! If you like to read more about the mushroom project of Hemmerle, you can do that here.

Falljewelry asprey

Elegant Fall - Asprey

FallTiffany cufflinks

Tiffany Cufflinks in 18kt gold

I wanted to add also some more affordable pieces and should you really be inspired and wanting something that does not cost you immediately a monthly wage, than you can always turn to Etsy for example. Or turn to a wonderful company like Les Néréides from Paris. I love their imaginary designs and the pieces are really affordable and fun!

Falljewelry H.Stern hemmerle

I just love this ring! By H.Stern from the Alice in Wonderland collection. Some more impressions of Hemmerle jewelry



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