24 Jewels that capture the Bridgerton jewelry trend!

Bridgerton is influencing this year's fashion and jewelry trends. Here are 24 pieces of fabulous jewelry to go full-on Bridgerton in 2021!

From left to right:  Rachel Quinn, Yi Collection, Bernard James, Sidney Garber (all in gold) 

Bridgerton is breaking all records

Did you start binging Bridgerton yet? The Netflix series is breaking all records. Not in the least for its over the top interpretation of fashion of the 1813 British Society.
Although some snobs have made remarks on how the show is inaccurate: the show features a very inclusive and diverse cast. However, most people love Julia Quinn's novel's adaption and fully accept the idea that it's a fantasy, entertainment, and only just a story.

Grainne Morton

Diversity and Inclusivity

The truth is that Netflix was quick to jump onto the inclusivity and diversity train. Just try to watch some of the Christmas movies produced last season! Some people endlessly talk about how we should be more inclusive; others just make it happen. Right?
The witty romantic series is also catching the eye of fashion lovers and trendwatchers everywhere.

Lizzie Fortunato Acrylic bracelets

Romantic and Wild Jewelry Trends

The Netflix costume drama is inspiring this year's fashion trends and jewelry trends. Bridgerton rules!
Thanks to costume designer Ellen Mirojnick hired by Shonda Rhimes company Shondaland, we are wildly inspired to go free and wild this year with romantic embellishments, floral details, gemstones, and pearls.

Pearl ring in 18kt gold and diamonds by Olsen K

Inspiring Jewelry Trend

Go Bridgerton all the way, with your necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings ( and why not; throw in a brooch or two). It will look fabulous on your floral dress or puffy shoulder t-shirt.
Even in the Zoom-era where we (guilty as charged) love our yoga pants and athleisure rules, I suppose it's something that gives us a little hope. To dress up again, play with jewelry, meet with friends. For the singles: to flirt and meet people.
Perhaps this dreamy interpretation of a romantic era is just what we needed in a time of a virus dictating our lives.

Valere bracelet, gold plated with turquoise

Bibi van der Velden ring in 18kt gold

Lyn Ban Ring in rhodiated silver and gemstones


Kathryn Elyse 18 kt gold moonstone and diamond earrings

Brandon Maxwell for Kenneth Jay Lane, fashion jewelry

Kamyen Ring in gold, diamonds, and enamel

Kathryn Elyse blue larimar-rainbow-moonstone-and diamond earrings in 14k

One of a kind necklace in 22kt gold and carved lapis lazuli by Marie-Helene Detaillac

Atelier Nawbar ring in gold and gemstones

Shay Pinky Ring in 18kt gold and amethyst

Tatiana Verstraeten earrings in white gold and diamonds

Eliza Brinker bracelet, gold plated

Tatiana Verstraeten gold and diamond ring

Valere Gold plated ring

Theo Fennell gold rings 


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