Why the journey of VicenzaOro is one to watch!

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In the heart of Italy, VicenzaOro has become my biannual pilgrimage—a journey that intertwines my past with the present, revealing the evolving face of a trade show that has filled the void left by BaselWorld. It's more than just a fair; it's a testament to the enduring allure of jewelry, a realm where creativity and business converge, constantly reinventing itself and pushing towards a promising horizon. Here's a glimpse into my personal odyssey with VicenzaOro, a show that's not just breaking records on its 70th anniversary but capturing hearts.

Gold Alloys and Colors: From Classic Yellow to Unique Hues

Ths is a blog about gold and its different colors

Exploring Latitude Jewelry: The Intersection of Travel, Creativity, and Sustainability in Contemporary Jewellery

Welcome to a world where travel meets creativity, and sustainability is more than a buzzword. Today, we delve into the captivating story of Latitude Jewelry, a contemporary Brazilian fine jewelry brand that intertwines the love of adventure with the finesse of jewelry design.


As a seasoned attendee of VicenzaOro for the past 30 years, I am thrilled to share my insights into this year's event, celebrating its 70th anniversary. The Italian Exhibition Group's show, set to take place from January 19th to 23rd, is poised to be a spectacular blend of sustainable innovation, creative genius, and technological advancements.

A Journey to the Heart of Sri Lanka's Gemstone Marvel with Ruwanpura Gems

| Esther Ligthart | News & Stories

Embarking on a sparkling journey to the sapphire mines of Ruwanpura Gems in Sri Lanka was an experience that filled my friends, peers, and even myself with anticipation and a touch of envy. The adventure began with a conversation missed during the pandemic with Fura Gems about visiting their ruby mines in Mozambique. This chat evolved into an exciting invitation from Tracey Ellison while wandering the beautiful streets of Arezzo. Before I knew it, we were planning our trip at the JCK Las Vegas show, leading me to board a plane from Schiphol airport to Colombo, filled with expectations and excitement.

Glacial Symphony: A Dazzling Ode to Swiss Artistry in Haute Joaillerie

Step into a world where elegance meets the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Enter the realm of haute joaillerie with a unique twist, courtesy of the Glacial Symphony chandelier earrings by Gübelin Jewellery. These exquisite creations, inspired by the hidden wonders of a sapphire, transport you to the heart of the Swiss Alps, offering a harmonious blend of contemporary and timeless design. Discover how these earrings redefine the art of jewelry, bridging the gap between craftsmanship and the natural world.

The Arcimboldo Pen, the latest marvel by enchanting Pen Brand Urso Luxury

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

Are you ready to be blown away? Here is Urso Luxury's latest creation, which is stunning! Introducing The Arcimboldo Pen. Find out why the pens created are masterpieces. These writing instruments are synonymous with true style, ladies and gentlemen. A jewelry blogger's perspective:

New Series: My Three Jewelry Picks of the Week- by Esther Ligthart

Three very different jewelry brands as favorite picks of the week! A new series that keeps me searching for the most lovely jewelry brands out there for you! In silver, gold, and even fashion jewelry. The only criterion is that they need to be absolutely gorgeous! I hope you'll love the three I picked for you this week. Discover Vioro Design, Pannalù and Effy Jewelry.

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